TNFro Is Reading…The Yellow House and More from Not My Family

This week has been very interesting reading and writing week…in this episode of TNFro is Reading I will be congratulating Black Excellence, summarizing my favorite Podcasts, which candidates I want to Invite to the BBQ, and those who get the Side Eye. I will also read a summary of the Yellow House by Sarah Broom, my role on Reddit, my last paid post for Fivver, and ending finally with my daily Affirmations. 

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Here is a brief reading from a post on Not My Family, Leading a Shade Free Existence

I  have been asked, ‘what is the purpose of my book?’ and ‘why write a book?’ It was never meant to talk bad or denigrate the memory of the dead. My book was a way to make sense out of the senseless. Children should have adults and people in their lives that support them and if they can’t support them find the means to support by any legal means necessary.


But in the protagonist’s life which reflects my life, there was always a reoccurring theme of lack. There was lack of support, anxiety and depression and just plain fear held back people from giving support.


It was a warped existence we were over protected, and dreams squashed so dreams could not be squashed by someone on the outside.  So, you would stop dreaming or bury your dreams as you planned your escape.


Surviving the running of the gauntlet of a childhood, you will always be a child and you never dare to buck the system with questioning of their tactics, outright abuse, and neglect. The elders in your immediate sphere would never understand just because you were once a child and now you are a functioning adult, they can’t come at an adult all crazy…Read more at



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