TNFro Medical Minute…Update on the Legionella Outbreak, Chlamydia Vaccine, Newark’s Water Crisis

During this episode of TNFro’s Medical Minute I will update you on the Legionella Outbreak in Atlanta, discuss the promising data on Chlamydia Vaccine(Yes ya’ll I’m discussing the Clap and why a vaccine to combat this common STD is necessary)

The public health crisis and cover up in Newark’s Water Crisis and how they handed out PUR water pitchers to remove Lead(Umm, no they don’t work for that)

Synopsis of upcoming programs discussing Lung Disease and Vaping in Teens, Why you need counseling to Level Up, and how our current medicinal Marijuana(aka Bomb Ass Cush) is associated with THC induced psychosis and hyperemesis.

This is going to be a wild nerdy ride, but come on and join me on this episode of TNFro’s Medical Minute! As always if you like what you are hearing and want to leave a tip click,  put 5 on it,  or become a recurrent patron by clicking on the Subscribe link below.

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