TNFro Is Reading The Water Dancer and My Own Stuff

This weeks Podcast salutes Black Excellence and general national cool!

The 2020 Democratic Nominations continue to narrow with Elizabeth Warren gaining in the polls. I am learning what it means to be a Progressive Democrat. There have been many additions to who I will be giving the side eye to this week it was Joseph Macguire, Director of National Intelligence as well as Antonio Brown and his war against reality.  I will also rely my own random thoughts about general -Ish. 

I will also rely my thoughts on my favorite Podcast Black Man Who Tips, Ratched and Respectful, and Medium Popcorn

I will an except from Tanaheisi Coates new work, The Water Dancer and my own creations for Fivver and Vocal+. And will wrap up the episode with my Affirmations and Intentions. 

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Not My Family, By Felicia Baxter (Me!!)

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