Megxit? Nahh Girl …This is All Harry.

Harry acting out of character because he has the support of a loving wife and he wants to separate from the royal frivolous and restrictive duties to be financially independent and contribute positively to the world?  Come on girls, be for real. Just like William, Harry has the support of his wife.  Each are really following  their own paths.  They are their mother’s children.  They will carve out and be who they are, so the rest of us just have to get over it.  

Prince Harry and Meghan Sparkle with Baby Archie

I think Prince Harry’s former biographer got it all wrong.  I remember the days of his youth when he was wildin’ out in pool parties and he was the real ladies man partying with several high-profile socialites dating several high-profile socialites and now he has contained his rebellious nature and is rebelling against being a part of the idle rich and on his Daddy’s dole.  Why is financial independence and living outside of the monarchy so wrong in 2020?  I’m definitely team Harry and Megan, and also I’m on the team William too because they are Diana’s boys.

Harry with Princess Diana

Her Majesty, the Queen,  has her own issues to deal with and her time is filled dealing with her pedophile friend having  son Andrew.  How crazy are we to react negatively to when a family member wants to step back from vapid royal duties and progress on his own terms and in a positive way.  It’s not like he’s getting more notoriety and forced to step back  like his pedophile uncle Andrew,  but don’t get it twisted she’s basically stating emphatically that she loves her wayward contrary grandson and she also know he will follow in his own path and that doesn’t seem to mean that he’s cut off from the family in no way shape or form.  He’s just going to be a positive representation of the family  by not following protocol and rules.  I think Harry in his own way is going to usher in a new relevance to the monarchy in a time where people are questioning why is there still of monarchy or is there still a need for the monarchy.  I think for historical reasons, yes and I don’t think the British should basically brush away history  at this uncertain time. But I do think they need to refresh and refine themselves. Her Majesty’s statement made it clear that this Grand-Ma’am gangster in charge,  is still at the helm and she’s still defining the role her family will take in society.  

The Grand-Ma’am Boss In Charge

She’s  going to support his decision no matter what because that’s what grand-moms do. She’s just like any other boss-lady, she still is still under control. She’s not going to let the media nor anyone else in the world define how her family is going to remain relevant and her grandson is part of the family, and she loves him and the rest of us need to go and sit down somewhere.

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