Working Through Anxiety Take Back Your Power…I Dare You

This morning I started my day exhilarated. I was reading about Ida B Wells and started counting all the bad ass women I am aware of including my mother, her mother, my grandmother Mary, my aunt Vern, my cousin Viva , and my  friend Suzanne. Also nationally and internationally about other great women like the great RGB in her fight against cancer which she apparently seems to be winning and she’s back at work. As well as that bad ass head of the House Nancy Pelosi… Holy crap she knew exactly what she was doing! She knew there was more evidence out there and she knew all that dirt would come to light. She knew that there was no rush or did not want to bring the hasty end because that  would be a travesty of justice. She knew that they were hiding something collectively, women’s intuition or not. And she knew there was something sketch about of the goal of McConnell and those dumb asses trying to bring a hasty end to the impeachment hearing and the more worked up  that they got it she knew just stay steady and calm and they would hang themselves.  They were hiding something. if you have nothing to hide the you talk,  that’s actually not even a Dr. Phil, it’s just the truth. She knew that and verbalize what the rest of us saying people have known for a while that there was a cover-up amongst us are going on. And according to a less than reliable source, Lev Parnas, he has the pictures with Giuliani and the president and the more and turned over more text messages recorded sessions of the president and his goons complacency in the cover-up of Ukraine.

And the GAO is come up to say as soon as he gave the order to withhold the funds, he broke the law so in this country if you break the law you go pay the penalty and therefore the proceedings will go forward and the cover-up and all this dirt is coming to light. Even if Trump gets  removed from office which seems to be the fitting penalty for breaking the law constitutional wise anyways, I’m wondering if he is removed from office does this negates his ability to actually run for president? We have no precedent for an impeached and convicted president and their ability to run for office again.  I think if you get removed from office that negates your ability to run for that office again,  that’s what happens in the private sector and then if he is convicted for those crimes  there may be a litigation pile on  from past-due bills bankruptcies defaulting on contracts etc.

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I am also further energized and actually angry,  that there is to be a gun rally in Richmond on Monday of all days with the clear intent by white supremacist to enact further violence on innocent Americans just for the hell of it. I don’t think there was any mistake that gun loving crazy people were descending in this rally which was scheduled  to be held on the day of a peace-loving civil rights leader  and proponent of equality Martin Luther King’s birthday.  I think it was symbolic and completely against everything he and absolutely despicable. I am happy that hopefully a blood bath was thwarted, and the government acted appropriately and steps are being taken to protect the public. I am just annoyed that they still are having the rally on a pacifist birthday who does that? I’m all for your right to protest but at the same time why do it on that day I see the tax on sanity law ethics every single day and its hand rending and satiny all at the same time we have leaders that every time with old that open their mouths we know that there lies will spew forth and skeletons are going to fly out.  While we were sleeping,  we have a leader that is re-creating his government to create a modern day Slavic Emperor run Empire holding on to the presidency forever. We have Arabic and Korean crazy people with their fingers on the red button that I doubt will hesitate to use brute force against their own people.  I’m concerned about whole species and people disappearing in the flames down under. As we all slept it seems someone has pulled on the strings of sanity and it’s all unraveling… But God. He breathed peace into all of the madness. There’s so many good things to look forward to and the sun comes up over the mountains and I can count my blessings on the things I can’t control. They are just so many  things that I want to do and I can do and I can’t get caught up in all the anxiety of the moment because I can’t control any of it so why be anxious for nothing? I can face the day and the world we discovered those things which there are numerous that I enjoyed and that make me happy I make myself this promise and resolve to start each day thankful count my blessings and doing that thing which makes me happy. The things and people I Love and activities  that I love I’m doing it!

The challenge for you is to start your day loving and doing the things that you love.  Take back your power from anxiety, and admit there will always be certain things that we can’t control and it’s ok, let it go and live and love…I dare you.

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