Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy…Presents Hamilton or Harlem Heights Episode 2, a Passion Project


If Hollyweird is listening… this remake is perfectly made for right to streaming, lots of action without a lot of dialogue except for illegal party in an upcoming episode which can probably be simulated like live action. Most of these scenes are only 1 or 2 people.

By the by, the idea and scripts are registered, so if I find out somebody else wants to release this illegally,  you gonna have to come up off the cash, because this is my idea…b—h!

Fade into the Sloper Hamilton Heights home…


The 4-level home is reminiscent of a time of carriages and top hats. Women in bustles and men wore spats. This house is a massive brownstone almost 2500 sq. feet of livable space and a huge well-tended back garden. When Katt is not playing antique piano upstairs she spends most of her time in the garden using natural light painting or tending her garden. The back gate is reminiscent of the same in The Heiress. For the most part that lane is inaccessible to most of the residents of the area, but it does serve as the cut through to the family businesses. Easy access for male callers if there were any.

  • Time Period 2019 Harlem
  • Maurice getting ready to for his morning date with Katt. Day after the party at Aunt Elizabeth.
  • Lavinia preparing to live vicariously through her niece
  • Katt prepping for a kind of date with a handsome stranger
  • Oephelia not willing to admit she is jealous of her daughter’s happiness
  • Brown people doing good things, owning things and expanding.
  • Ending with an awful family dinner-silver candelabra, fine bone china, Stuben crystal, fine Oregon Pinot
  • My wish is for the characters to do compelling things and the listener will root for them as much as I do. How do you convey emotion, compassion, passion and love in 2-D characters?
  • Some people have Minecraft, animal farms and other non-lethal forms of escape…and I have Hamilton heights…

Now for another episode of the trials and tribulations of the black noveau rich of Hamilton Heights-Katt’s First Date

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you are interested in discussing this or further ideas for a limited series of this made for streaming creation leave me a voicemail at 423-463-0658 or send me an email at tnfroisreading@gmail.com I would love to speak more about this project.

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