Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy…Presents Hamilton or Harlem Heights Episode 3, a Passion Project


This is Episode 3 of Hamilton Heights Saga of the Katt Sloper Becoming Great. 

But still, the idea and scripts are registered, so if I find out somebody else wants to release this illegally,  you gonna have to

come up off the cash, because this is my idea…b—h!

“I paint and sketch everything around me. I see beauty where most people see blemishes.” Katt Sloper addressing crowd at her gallery opening. Hamilton Heights. by TnFro

I think if I can figure out how to create a live action cast and set it could go a long way to create alternative content in this age of social distancing, kind of like a live action adult soap opera.

I modified the time frame to start Early Spring of 2018 in the Harlem neighborhood of Hamilton Heights


to allow more time for the relationship of Katt and Maurice to build until it implodes December of 2018. 

I envision details down to linen tablecloths and napkins used in meals.  Katt shopping for Tiffany silverware



and wedding china


 Lalique Vases

Versailles-Vase.jpg Lalique.jpg ceylan-vase-by-rene-lalique-1930s-8.jpg

in prep for a wedding that would never happen and not ever being allowed to use her mother or paternal grandmother’s. In effect she was creating her own trousseau.

The beautiful garden she tended at the family home in Hamilton Heights


and her art


will factor in her amazing success and healing when Maurice, her mother and family let her down miserably. 

I have fun creating this content and I welcome your opinion on the dialogue and other situations to consider in upcoming episodes. Drop me a non-trolley message to tnfroisreading@gmail.com or a short non-trolley message at voicemail at 423-463-0658.


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