TNFro Is Reading…COVID, Becoming an Ex-Pat, Jankiness, Reading Tolstoy, Secret Nerd Behavior, and Hamilton Heights

In this episode of the podcast I will continue my…


Protesting Stay at home, Second Sociopath in charge lying about not wearing a mask, and how janky is my house but I still love being at home!


  • Nerds are learning,reading and watching
    • Felicia has a new toy, 3DS Max, did I tell you I almost failed Geometry—TNFro Live Productions
    • Anna Karenina
    • Insecure the music is sick and the writing is tight!
    • Hamilton Heights Episode 4 Season of Thanksgiving.

By the by, the idea and scripts are registered, so if I find out somebody else wants to release this illegally,  you gonna have to come up off the cash, because this is my idea…b—h!


More from Casa Sloper and the Making of Katt SloperStrivers_row.jpg

Time Period Harlem 2018

Acts of Period of Thanksgiving

  • Wings and Calm
    • Friday night tacos
    • Marcy becomes an assistant


  • Countdown to Thanksgiving
    • Finding oyster plates plates
      • Oysters-Gilhooley-06.jpg
    • Date night at Gloria’s based on Harlem Sylvia’s Soul Food RestaurantSylvias.jpg 
    • Thanksgiving at Casa Sloper


  • Maurice becomes a Daddy
    • Gabby and Maurice on a date at Pastis when they leave and bump into Oephelia SloperB3-DS380_PASTIS_574V_20190415143114.jpg 
      • Katt comes up on the happy couple at a table outside of Pastis.
      • Plans for gallery showing of her works in England from December 2019


  • Katt, the growth of the star
    • Convey Katt’s growth
    • Convey the brokedness or lack of relationship with her mother
    • Convey she really was in love with a bastard.

I have fun creating this content and I welcome your opinion on the dialogue and other situations to consider in upcoming episodes. Drop me a non-trolley message to or a short non-trolley message at voicemail at 423-463-0658.

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