Virtual Reality Vacation to Venice, New Global Flight Plan

I admit, strolling through the streets of Venice using Google Earth is not the same experiencing the energy of the people in the streets and cafes. Selecting fresh ingredients for seafood and linguine at the Rialto market.

But while we are in lock down, Google Earth Projects function will allow me to explore new locations all over the world without increasing my carbon imprint. With the recent lock down due to COVID in Italy, the waters of the Venice canal.

and lagoon is clearer,

and nature is making a comeback,

and I would love to get there again before the humans muck it all up again.

I am way too bouisgie and I get it I will need to stay at the 5-star Hotel Ai Du Principe and book a Jr Suite

Bedroom Jr. Suite Hotel Ai Du Principe Venice

near San Marco Plaza overlooking the Canal with dinner

at Ristorante Alla Conchiglia before turning in for the night.

 Although I know I would have to possibly rent a Segway or better yet a classic Vespa

if they are allowed in Venice, to  cover the ground I want  I can spend my lunch time virtually walking over the bridges of Venice to see the churches and Basilicas from the 14th century the works of the Master Da Vinci.

Da Vinci Museum

I would love to explore the Gothic church, Basilica Dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Basilica Dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo

and all the artwork contained within.

Basilica Dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo Interior

Or buy the Murano tiles for my above ground pool and tile work for my home in the States.

I would visit the Cathedral and tower at St. Mark’s or San Marco’s Square

 and the seemingly millions of beautiful churches peppered throughout  looking to find a space to enjoy my sardines and crostini at Al Bottegon near the Ponte S. Tovaso and sip expresso while watching the gondolas skim the Canal. I can almost hear the call of the fishmongers or the singing of the Gondola captains. I can smell the fresh chopped oregano  and maybe basil in the traditional Venetian meal shrimp and clams in red sauce served at Trattoria Antiche Carampane or at Osteria Bancogiro near the Porto Rialto although I know I would have to fight for space. Ostaria Boccadoro Venezia I will not need a to-go bag because the locally sourced seafood from the Adriatic paired with vegetables from the restaurant garden with homemade pasta, either Tagliatella al ragù di Canoce


 Gnocchetti alla Gransevola

 will not make it back to any container except my stomach.

Who among us is not obsessing or dreaming of the return to time of planning trips to fill up our passport books? I still daydream like other former frequent travelers with massive accrual of miles who can sit back in my upgraded seats waiting on the warm hand wipes and free jack and coke? Sometimes the trip is more exciting than the actual destination because of the comfortable seat and definite difference in service and food between first class and coach.

It is not safe to fly at this time. COVID is spread through surfaces and air contaminated with this virus. We cannot be packed in airplanes like sardines. While planes are grounded, what are the major airlines doing to ensure safety?

Suggested redesign of the check-in process. With increased security, you may have to arrive earlier to ensure you are processed as you proceed to your airplane. The process has to include

  • Temperature checks
  • Facial coverings mandatory to board and during the flight unless you are in the individual compartments
  • Disinfection playbooks: Reagan DCA

Airplane re-design considerations:

Effect of shorter flights with more runs with the lowered capacity flights. This is me as a wanna-be engineer. It seems the CRJ, smaller jet used mostly for regional service could be easier retrofitted for longer hauls and reduced capacity.

Opportunity for redesign:

CRJ 900 Retrofit

CRJ 900 Minus rows.

From 90 seats to 45

50% capacity take out every other row and single seats can ensure social distancing

Double widened seats with removable plexiglass dividers (light weight) such as found in Jet Blue’s Mint

No First Class in this series:

Consider the expansion single suites in the Luxury liner 787 or retrofit CRJ 700 or 900 with the individual suites to longer flights.

Having personalized suites with my own air supply and isolation of the masses is not only necessary but a plug to justify the cost premium.

This is how I will look minus the blond hair on a 16-hour flight from Tennessee to Venice or any flight anywhere after this pandemic. I do not have access to private jets and see myself flying commercially for years to come. But I will not fly anywhere if I don’t feel safe. I want to explore this world before it goes away, or before I am toes up in a casket. The modifications needed to ensure safety of air travel is greatly needed.

It is a new day, what are the airlines going to do to get us to Venice?

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