WTF America…RONA Shenanigans and People Saying Dumb Ish…


I started this as part of my Podcast to vent about ridiculous absolute asinine things people say and do every day and think it’s ok, it’s not ok!! Seriously. If you don’t say dumb Ish or do dumb Ish I wouldn’t drag you.

And all these people and organization that make this list really need to be glitter bombed or shipped a bag of gummy penises for well…being jackasses on a grand scale.

And actually, you can ship these items anonymously by going to

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Here are the dumb actions and stands just from the past 48 hours:

  • Chump 45 is Visiting a Ford plant that is making ventilators, and it’s questionable if he will wear a mask, why are you expecting a sociopath to follow the rules? And why is this part of the news cycle? This is not new.
  • Chump taking unproven Plaquenil, doubtful.  I think it’s a placebo or sugar pills, this antimalarial drug does have serious effects i.e. possible fatal heart rhythms. That risk is not worth it.
  • Unemployment Scams. TO get money to the masses in some places like Michigan it is easy to scam the system. Still work and draw unemployment because of lack of oversight and no checks and balances. They ask very few questions and appears to be no verification on your date of unemployment and if you have started working. And people are bragging about it in forums on social media.
  • Kroger ends hazard pay for thousands of its workers. The masses are for the most part respectful but not always if you look at the pictures of the guy rubbing his face on the store worker and the security guard that was shot after asking 2 dumbasses to put on a mask.
  • Mask guidance is not an forced conformity. Evidently, anytime a person thinks they are being forced to do something they want to rebel. Why is that? The psychology of resistance to wear a mask and social distancing adhering to these rules may feel like, to some, a forfeiture of their freedoms. Ok, you are free to be a dumbass, but you have no right to kill everyone else. Or force first responders to care for you when your no-insurance having ass, because you are a Trump Supporter that has decimated the ACA, has to get treatment and then rehab because you are so wiped out if you survive this plaque. All you had to do is stay at home or wear a freakin’ mask. I can’t even.
  • Chump now will us out of the major arms recon treaty. The goal of the treaty, which entered into force in 2002, is to avoid conflict and encourage trust between participating nations. More than 1,500 flights have been conducted under the treaty, but Russia has restricted flights over certain areas.

Exiting the treaty is expected to strain relations with Moscow and upset European allies and some members of Congress. More BS for someone else to clean up. Again obvious in his limited understanding of anything the treaty is more than getting images we can get from Google Earth it’s about cooperation.

  • Cracks in the cult of Elon. I had no idea Elon was a bit of a dumbass also.  His fans are mostly men, ranging from 20-somethings to 70-somethings. Musk has downplayed the dangers of the virus, offered unfounded predictions about how many Americans it will infect, and falsely claimed that children are “essentially immune” to COVID-19. He has called, over and over again, for rolling back the widespread measures put in place to slow the spread of the virus, a move that public-health officials believe could be lethal. Musk defied local stay-at-home orders and reopened his Tesla assembly plant in California, bringing thousands of employees into work. “I will be on the line with everyone else,” he tweeted last week, as operations restarted. “If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.” Ok, clink-clin.  Lock his butt up or send him the box of penises.
  •  Did anyone know there is a self-proclaimed King of Germany? Peter decided to create NeuDeutschland(reverse or fraud Wakanda), or “New Germany,” a country primarily of the mind and YouTube. “You send your kids to institutions that train them as slaves,” Peter tells a group of normal-looking Germans in one video posted to his country’s channel. And for 120 Euros you can join our community. This has gone on for years and finally the government is asking where has all the money gone. Really Germany?  Bist du wirklich so dumm? (Are you really that stupid?)

I end this rant on this high note. In my research of utter ridiculous statements and general shenanigans I have discovered other sources of reading and am able to fact check some dubious statement etc. So even though people want to dumb down, oversimplify things, and just flat out lie.  I will still seek the truth and expand my fund of knowledge.

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