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I recently subscribed to the Atlantic and April 2020 filled with many great reads. One of which is by Michael Pollan who revealed the big business of commercial food production and in particular how meat processing was killing us. Now he talks about coffee as the dark legal drug.

“Coffee owes its global ascendancy to a fortuitous evolutionary accident: The chemical compound that the plant makes to defend itself against insects happens to alter human consciousness in ways we find desirable, making us more energetic and industrious—and notably better workers. That chemical of course is caffeine, which is now the world’s most popular psychoactive drug, used daily by 80 percent of humanity. ”

This has led to the decimation of the Native Americans to force its cultivation in El Salvador to the loss of the rain forest in South America. “Climate scientists estimate that at least half of the acreage now producing coffee—and an even greater proportion in Latin America—will be unable to support the plant by 2050, making coffee one of the crops most immediately endangered by climate change. Capitalism may be killing the golden goose.”

What COVID and Inept Leadership reveals

George Packer, in his article in the April Atlantic, he writes, “Everyone underestimated the readiness of a large number of Americans to accept and even relish his contempt for democratic norms and basic decency.”

By Olga Khazan, Leaning into being weirdo. If you already have an independent self-concept

Illustration of rows of green heads with one upside-down yellow head

Weirdness has its perks, but you can’t be weird forever.

Anna Karenina by Tolstoy

I am still trudging through one of the greatest works of Western Literature and I keep coming back to why is Tolstoy trying to talk us to death.

I am grateful to all the time Ms. Smith, my first grade remedial reading teacher, taught me because it has allowed me to rapidly read or skim through hundreds of pages of prose to follow the becoming of a new Russian man and woman exemplified by Konstantin Levin and Kitty.  But basically, in thousands of words and several plot points, Tolstoy seems to be attempting to chronicle a time or period in history rapidly ending. He does so in detail with a deeper understanding of failings of humans and their redemptive power.

Most of Part 3 is all about Anna, Vronsky and Alexei Karenina all of which I skimmed. I was more interested in Kitty’s sister Dolly so much potential very expressive, but the truth of her existence wasted away or is turned into herself in a wayward husband and lots of young children. We meet up with a heartbroken Levin at his country estate where he goes and successfully finds himself. It is here he leads the most authentic life without frills and base emotions and just the falsehood that seems to be rampant in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Part 5 is peppered with the tortured nature of the demise of Anna and Alexei relationship, very soap drama, of which I have no interest. But, I honestly believe left to time they could have figured out how to move Russia seamless into the industrial revolution and how Russia could have become a greater power even so than England. Levin is portrayed as the man’s man, gentlemen farmer and shooting enthusiast.

And as Part 4 evolves we see a remarkable evolution of Levin, and he is still very much in love with Kitty. Nothing is secret in this society, he is advised of Vronsky failing to propose to Kitty, her subsequent breakdown and then resolve. When Kitty returns to the country with her family, Levin is emboldened to renew his proposal to her to be married. At one of many gatherings when even the sour Alexei Karenina was interesting, Levin, “…knew she was listening to his words and that she was glad to listen to him. And this was the only thing that interested him.” His whole being was to be everything and worth the interest of this one person. This is whom the old Prince Scherbatsky wanted truly for his daughter, the deepest and most honorable of love and utmost respect for her. I have never loved anything or anyone that much, and I have never had the experience of protection and wanting of a parent for their child to know what the best for them and assuring it.

This Nerd is Watching

Shout Out to #CrownFriedChicken Fayetteville on Ramsey. The Murchison location all I have to say is not everybody should be allowed to answer the phone. Hot Wings from Publix and Fried Chicken Gizzards are what’s up when you are watching the Blackest of TV.

HBO Insecure, Episode 5 Low key Moving On

The  Music is sick

Episodes initially seemed unfinished but after watching again I have several spoiler points:

  • Why we watch-Small City to very rural, but Inglewood
  • Kelly and Ahmad-hilarious—Kelly’s plus 1 is a dumbass
  • Issa and Molly relationship build on shade
  •     There is a lot of talking but not a lot of listening and exchange
  •      Took it for granted the other would fit seamlessly into their lives
  •      Everyone has the needy messy friend both represented by both of these women
  •      This is a big event-A family reunion even with the threat of guns
  •    Molly is salty because Issa Pulled it off without her and did not have her permission to succeed.
  •     Nathan, unexpected reality check “Be in the moment”              
  •      Who else didn’t get their wobble on???
  •     Offers her some raggedy wings
  •     Molly so wrong-messy and overreacted
  •      As brilliantly as it started, it was a wrap—It was so dope until it wasn’t

HBO Insecure, Episode 5 Low key Done

  • Processing the blow up of the event but has people looking for more and the final blow up with Molly. Further spoilers:
  • This episode should have been called redemption
  • Gave George ride-to his son’s house, I think there is a story there
  • Card declined
  • Paint and Sip With the shadiest East Coast bridal party, a checklist of taking advantage
  • This is why I like this show, music and dope restaurants, bar with tapas
  • She basically discovers her own job, cultural curator.
  • Gassing her up to drop her ass
  • Her mother is a nut. Admits to not wanting kids-goes to her mother and they actually talked and listened to each other.
  • Turns away from her favorite spot because she is so not ready to confront her.

More Issa Rae–

This was the premier that wasn’t because we were all firmly in shut down and at home and it premiered online Netflix. Quirky story of 2 apparently mix matched individuals thrown together over mistaken identity and a Pincachu hat…yeah you really have watch this one.

New Jack City-1992

So many reminders of a bygone era…Skinny Ice-T, Amazing Music, intro to Pookie the Crackhead a Young Comic, Chris Rock, and even a pre-Blade Wesley Snipes.

This story is so far from my country ass existence. But the plot line of human frailty, failure, and redemption follows the band of thieves trying to be legitimate in such superficial trappings of the fast paced greedy society of NYC in the 80-90s. Nino Brown and his sidekick G-money, CMB, are a product of underbelly of society, a perversion of success. Good must win, both Nino and G-money dying as violently as they lived, we the audience could not expect them to survive at the destruction of their community.

This Nerd is Writing

I finished my writing of Hamilton Heights, registered it on WPA site now I have submitted it to Script Reading Pro for a full overhaul because I want to submit it for the ScreenCraft Drama competition. I can’t wait to see if my vision and the voice of Katt, Lavinia, and even the Maurice Townsend rings clear.

In Dash’s words: “Thank you, Felicia, for sending over Hamilton Heights. I can see that you’re a very inventive and soulful writer who thinks big and isn’t afraid of doubling down on humanistic, character-driven drama. This is a thematically striking piece with a skewed take on its given genre that makes it stand out. Additionally, you managed to avoid many obvious tropes and keep the story’s trajectory largely unexpected. The general concept of the script shows great promise, and I could see it as having potential commercial and critical appeal. I also found Katt to be a spirited and spunky heroine who walks to the beat of her own drum. Generally speaking, your visuals are striking and your scenarios intriguing. Your plot took several unexpected twists and turns, so I legitimately could not guess where it was headed at any given moment. Lastly, you tackled the world of urban struggles, drugs, and violence in a way that never veered into over-the-top, melodramatic territory. On the whole, I think a good deal of your narrative works on a fundamental level, but there are a few issues I noticed which hold the script back from reaching the height of its potential. It would be helpful to go through the screenplay and tighten up/elevate certain elements — specifically as it pertains to the story’s technical prose, logistics and pacing.”

I am excited with the opportunity this project can possibly give me even, if it is not even considered for the contest. I hope to be able to improve in screenwriting. I have so many ideas for straight to streaming I just want to be given the chance to create something more than what I am seeing now.

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