WTF America? Dollars over Lives, Victims of Over-Policed State, Karen Antics,and Boy-Bye to the RNC and General Post-Memorial Day COVID Shenanigans Rant

WTF America…RONA Shenanigans and People Saying Dumb Ish…

I avoided watching the news and TV in general this past weekend, because I wanted to spend a few days in blissful ignorance of the stupid actions of others, and I knew the following stories were going to make me cuss.

I think the news cycle, other podcasts, and bloggers give so much time to negative energy but this is a way for me to vent, clear my head, and write other positive things.

If you have made it to my WTF rant, I personally think you should be sent a glitter bomb or a bag or two of gummie or life sized penises.

The bottom line is I wouldn’t drag you if you don’t do or say dumb -Ish.

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  • People packed together like sardines on airplanes, having MAGA boat parades
  • At The Shore
Ocean City

At the beach

Tybee Island
  • pool parties
  • no mask and making light of a virus on a seek a destroy mission. This virus is so genetically malignant, it smacks of something man-made. It what ticks me the slap off, is their carelessness is going to cause another surge, that we can’t track nor contain, extending my lock down. Thanks, you big dummies!
  • Victims in an over-policed state but business boon to Benjamin Crump high profile civil rights lawyer, I wish in 2020 we would not need his services.
    • Breonna Taylor -Killed while sleeping Black
  • Ahmaud Arbery-Killed while jogging Black
  • George Floyd a Forgery suspect-I’m thinking windpipe crushed after that 200 lb cop putting full weight on his neck, killed while driving Black
  • Joni Ernst, Iowa senator who defends her Governor lack of stay at home order to support protection of an economy in farm belt obliterated by decades of mismanagement and farm subsidies.  Real food desserts and a lack of medical expertise. And the rural counties are seeing the uptick in cases. Really girl.
  • Christian Cooper ask this woman to leash her dog, and Amy Cooper, aka Karen, goes into full Karen mood and calls police falsely reporting Mr. Cooper attacking her. Emphasizing his Blackness while she was almost strangling her dog. #KarenBye

  • More FL and GA Man Stories, FL scientist Termed when she refused to manipulate COVID 19 data and GA correcting 3 weeks of data. States falsifying data to speed re-opening… The public must be given complete and accurate information about the coronavirus pandemic, experts said. Make an informed decision, chillin’ in the cut and making a dollar not so important if sign your own death warrant.
  • Chump threatens to pull RNC from NC, Cooper responds, NC State health officials are working with the RNC and will review its plans as they make decisions about how to hold the convention in Charlotte,” it said. “North Carolina is relying on data and science to protect our state’s public health and safety.”-In other words boy bye, pull it, lives over political rhetoric, we are not going to participate in mass infection for the benefit of that party, sorry bro.

There are so many people that I want to take their phones or censure. But in reading and researching the folly of others, I still learn and appreciate my own blessings. I purge this negativity and invite others to check it out and release it. Be anxious of nothing and being aware even of these useless things will allow you to let go of the nonsense and look forward to something new. Voltaire was right over a century ago when he wrote,

“Life is too short, time too valuable, to spend it on what is useless.” Voltaire

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