Rest, George Floyd. As For the rest of US, Let’s Get Busy!

“I’m tired of the racism. Just tired,” said Rochelle Grate, a 58-year-old information technology specialist from Fort Washington, Maryland, who described the Saturday protest as “beautiful, peaceful and diverse.”

Today, Washington DC

Yes, I jacked Arsenio Hall’s catch phrase when he was the Black King of Late Night until he wasn’t. But the statement is fitting as we grapple with next steps as we move from protests to policy.

We can’t forget 3 great African Americans died and will be missed. Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. Because of Rona their families grief seems to be prolonged, but everyone, the society of the world is grieving with them.

George Floyd, NC Funeral 2020

Eight minutes 46 seconds…

The length of the time that a murderer, disguised as a cop, had his knee on the neck of a gentle giant. From everything that I’ve heard and read, this man was human and did not deserve to die. He would’ve been someone you would want to call your homie. He died at the hands of ill trained, ill tempered murderer that saw him less than. But the treatment of George Floyd has sparked a movement against the interaction of this bad cop and everyone that sought to protect this bad apple, the cop that tried to keep the crowd back as George Floyd pleaded for his life, to those cops that knew something was wrong but still persisted in doing nothing. There were so many epic fails on so many levels. And this is what makes me mad all over again. We have this young African-American man who set to make a difference in his family’s life, in his children’s life and no one will reap the benefit of that on a personal level because he died. Now his family, protesters have to be exposed to a virus that shows no signs of letting up. How many more of us have to die before we all are clued in to the message that racism has no place that brutality has no place in our society.

Lawlessness and disregard for the law cannot be tolerated and that’s not the message of the protests. What is the message?

First, the police cannot be criminals and should not be shielded from criminal acts. If they break the law that they are supposed uphold, they need to be dealt with expeditiously. So the leveling of charges against all of those terminated policeman and making sure that the charges are appropriate for the crime i.e. possible first but definitely no less than second-degree murder, aiding and abetting a felony, failure to give assistance, and just for being dumb ass cowards all of those should be leveled against these men.

Heads Up for the policeman that ended the life of Manuel Ellis in Tacoma Washington, they come in for y’all I have a feeling.

Ida B. Wells, Martin Luther King, John Lewis message and the message now, is recognize and fix Continued wage disparity, continued poor housing and access to safe housing, lack of access to good healthcare, access to healthy foods, large corporations polluting our environment making us more susceptible to RONA to further marginalization. How crazy is that? 

I am reflective because I can. I know this is selfish and maybe considered lazy being that I am and I can witness history from the comfort of my leather armchair. My life goes on simply because I wanted to this sheltering place segregation from everyone is pretty much self induced and supported by my current work situation. I’m very blessed that I get to work for a company that gave me this opportunity. I’m thankful for my day job. I’m actually pretty good at it and it pays well and it allows me to explore my passion. But I’m not crazy. I’m not going to say anything that’s going to put the company on blast, or say anything against the company. I’m not stupid. And I’m too fat or too lazy and it’s too hot for me to be protesting so I’ll do the next Best thing. I’ll talk ish and drag people on line all day.

If you have nothing positive to say if you have nothing that is constructive you need to sit down.

So here is the list of people that need a bag of gummie penises…

What I am excited about and gives me hope is people wanting to do what they say and to fix some things. Some things are said that are extravagant and crazier than others but at least they’re trying. Equally prosecuting dumb ass behavior is a great start, so kudos to the mayor and police chief that fact that suspended those dumb asses that pushed over and made that 75 year old gentleman bleed. And the rest of you dummies that resigned in protest because those guys were disciplined for doing the wrong thing what is that?

Sit down, and shut up. Use my promo code: tnfrogotjokes, tnfro

Super woke cynics and barber shop philosophers. Shut up and sit down somewhere.

“Removing the Robert E. Lee statue is a cowardly capitulation to the looters and domestic terrorists,” said Senator Chase. “If the state is unable to defend a monument weighing several tons in a well-lit area, what hope do citizens have of the government protecting their houses and businesses? Instead of appeasing the left-wing mob Northam’s surrender will only lead to future calls to erase Founding Fathers from the public and our history books”  Sen. Amanda Chase Fact check, Robert E. Lee represents pain and oppression and the dissolution of the union. He is SOOO not a founding father. If a symbol represents pain and a point of rage, why not move it? Again, you are part of the problem, go sit down.

The New Orleans Saints quarterback again called national anthem protests “disrespectful.” Drew Brees is an idiot. I don’t accept your apology, take a seat. You are part of the problem.

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner you’re five years too late and NO… your collaboration with Jay-Z did not exonerate you from doing the right thing. Sorry take a seat.

Marina Sirtis, Deanna Troy, going off on Lyn Miranda. Please you need to sit down somewhere he basically in an unobjectionable way support the struggle that affects black and brown people. If you were to expect him to say some deeper, that’s not his stick. And who are you to sit in judgment if someone else chooses to verbalize his pain and support in a manner that he can. Again, take a seat.

I am blessed, I am thankful, and I will keep writing!

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