#BlackOutTuesday, The Message and WTF Rant, Seriously Couldn’t Get to Wednesday without dropping a few F-bombs

So, I have always digged men in uniform doing some straight up hero-this- is-why-I- take- my oath-serious-ish in the crazy times when it just seems that the world is on fire…

Chief Art Acevedo,

Chief Andy Mills, and Justin Cummings

recognizing and acknowledging the pain of the protestors and de-escalating, exemplifying a well-trained policemen worthy of the shield.

Camden Police march in solidarity

Joe Biden saying the right thing acknowledging the pain and the right to peaceably assemble. He acknowledges the pain of why people are protesting and why all of the unrest has come to such a violent head.

Lawlessness and destruction are wrong but he does understand. Uncle Joe came out of his basement to speak peace and words of healing in this Topsy turvy world. GO UNCLE JOE!!!

What is pissing everyone off?

-poorly trained policeman

-Most large cities have banned neck restraints in policeman, why did it take a murder and 500 applications later for MN to figure out that this is not a good tactic?

-failure to punish and not cover up poor law enforcement conduct in an transparent and expeditious way

-Murder of black and brown people of color

-police presence in school supply the school to prison chain-awful

-Rather false appearance of well being than justice and equality

-whacked healthcare system

-Ineffective education system

-food deserts

-unemployment and poverty

WTF-I had to post this because I know more stupid Ish is coming…

White people spray painting Starbucks with “Black Lives Matter” Stop defacing property because we will get blamed for it. Thanks, go home Becky we don’t’ need that smoke.

Chef David McAtee dies,

Chef David McAtee in his Kitchen

Louisville policemen turn off their body cam, the pus bags he used to give free meals to—seriously. I have no words.

And Katie Crews, “I hope the pepper spray burns.” Facebook post before Chef McAtee death. Girl Bye.

Then fired on unarmed protesters, again charges please?

You can’t fix what you won’t verbalize. Racism exists. We all must do whatever is necessary to eradicate it. Point blank period.

And last but certainly least, clearing a peaceful demonstration by tear gas and bullets so #bunkerboy can have a photo op with a Bible; we know you can’t read , to stand in front of a church you don’t attend, is despicable. But when you are a narcissistic degenerate you will do stupid -Ish like that.

Your pattern of behavior supports your inability to truthfully speak understanding and healing, because as a classic narcissistic sociopath, you are devoid of these human feelings. You are stirring the pot; your words are not helpful. Your advisors really need to brief you on the legality of your threats to deploy US troops nationwide to dispel peaceful protest a direct violation of the First Amendment and you can’t activate the Arm Forces without the consent of governors, that’s straight out of the language of the Insurrection Act, you stupid M-F-er.

Dear #Chump45,

We, the American Public, educated, and sane simply need you to shut the F- up. Thanks.


TNFro The Unpoet

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  1. Marianne says:

    I do believe this will spark a turning point and give cops the training they need. It’s not going to fix racism unfortunately.

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