TNFro Is Reading…MLK Reflections on Social Reform Through Peaceful Protest.

Martin Understood the Rage.


 If you are marginalized, beaten, killed, it may seem logical to strike back to be noticed. But brutally restoring order, destroying businesses, will not solve the problems. When you march and speak the message and make your demands clear, that is when you are heard and then action can be taken. 


“It was through the Chicago marches that our promise to them-that nonviolence achieves results-was redeemed, and their hopes for a better life were rekindled. They saw a human police force-in contrast to police in Missisippi-could defend the exercise of Constitutional rights as well as enforce the law in the ghetto. They saw in prosperous white American communities, that hatred and bigotry could and should be confronted, exposed, and dealt with.” Martin Luther King Jr, McCalls 1966.

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