TNFro is…Ranting and is asking the question WTF Ya’ll?!?

I believe there are other platforms, podcast shows that points out obvious shenanigans and stupidity of people. There have been so many gaffs, side-eye-moments and missteps over the past few days, I actually had to stop and cut this post short because I could’ve gone on and on and pointed out who really needed a bag of gummy penises.

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If you’ve made this list, it’s not an honor. By your inclusion on this list, you’ve really done or said some of the stupidest crap I have ever heard in my life. It really is OK, to be silent.

If you have an issue with profanity, this post is not for you.

Why am I still cussing you may ask? Because of the following BS and shenanigans across the world.

  • Any door to door salesman peddling bug spray for ants and any other kind a little multi leg organism knocking on my door like you the freakin’ Bo-Po… You do realize that your bug spray don’t kill corona right? So why are you on my porch not practicing social distancing and without a mask?? Get off my porch and you’re trespassing. Go away!
  • Lack of empathy. Occupy Seattle. The mayor told the President of the US to go back to his bunker, if you are an entitled average guy from Michigan, not recognizing the forces behind the working poor living in tents with their kids and possessions because they can’t afford the astronomical rents or how someone could be only 1 or 2 paychecks from homelessness. I don’t have time for you. And you can’t empathize or understand the bigger picture. Criminalizing homelessness and poverty…wanting them to hide and go back to their tent cities without fixing the problem that landed them there…So short-sighted, so typical. Just stop talking.

Customs and Border Protection used money meant for food, medicine for dirt bikes, ATVs, says GAO

  • So my tax rate is anywhere between about 17-30% depending on my write-offs and you mean to tell me, these bitches are misappropriating funds on dirt bikes and ATVs and I pay you for this -Ish? Really. Y’all are partying and embezzling funds, instead of it going to the people that really need it? What the fuck y’all!!!
  • Cheetoh45 says he hopes George Floyd ‘is looking down’ and celebrating jobs report: ‘This is a great day for him’

Just get his name out of your mouth, you piece of racist crap. Don’t go there. How dare you?!?

Ohio Senator wonders do “Colored” people not wash their hands is that is why they are susceptible to Corona.

  • So I haven’t been colored since August 24, 1971 that’s the last time myself or my parents were referenced as such. But this dickhead in Ohio who is an elected senator referred to African-American Corona victims as the reason we are dying is because we don’t wash our hands? Really bro. Go sit down somewhere and shut the fuck up.
  • The primaries in Georgia… What a shit show. Poorly train workers not capable of operating machines. Mail in ballots shenanigans. Foretelling of the shit show of this current election. We live in the greatest democracy of the world but we can’t seem to exercise our basic right to vote.
  • This past week we laid to rest George Floyd. Then we have Candace Owens talking shit that he is not a martyr when no one deserves to die like that point-blank. Then we have the surfacing of several police brutality videos from Oklahoma and Austin gentleman pleading for their lives saying they can’t breathe and no one is listening. You can’t blame the victim that’s wrong you’re part of the problem, stop it.
  • Confederate flags coming down at NASCAR , Confederate monuments coming down which they’re over 1700 of them across this country. Even Christopher Columbus ended up in the drink and we’re asking why and I’m asking why not and why did it take you so long?
  • Why is everyone having so many issues of remain renaming army bases that are named after Confederate generals? I’m right here at Fort Bragg. Braxton Bragg was a nut bag! He court-martialed himself for pete’s sake!!! I think he was a schizophrenic. He was also considered the worst general in the confederacy hated by his men and other contemporaries. Why would we want to remove the names of individuals that fought to dissolve the union and fight to preserve slavery? How hard is that?!
  • And the FedEx worker and NJ department of corrections officer fired and suspended.

All Lives Matter reenacted Mr. Floyd’s death I can’t make this shit up what is wrong with people?

  • I keep hearing that the president is going to make some speech on Juneteenth in Tulsa, the site of one of the largest racial pogroms in this country during the early 20th Century resulting in the murder of several hundred African Americans and destruction of their business. I know is going to be completely out of line and just reinforce the ingrown racism that marks his very existence. I am just pissed off that he occupies the White House so what is it gonna take y’all to get his ass out?
  • Chump45 has his supporters sign coronavirus waivers. So support me upon threat of death. So you don’t social distance you don’t wear a mask you’re not only in debt is acted by a deadly virus but then you risk spreading it to your community what kind of bullshit is that and why are you allowed to put everybody else at risk? Who does that?? What is wrong with people?!?
  • Trump has a round table with all black bloggers and radio personalities and basically says that conditions and everything in the black community is the best it ever under his administration. He says it with a f-ing straight face. There was only one black woman spoke up, not protected at all by the brothers in the room, when she disagreed, he would not change course and brushed her observation of the shit conditions that continue to plague our communities which have only worsened in his administration. Such a waste of time trying to correct a sociopathic narcissist.

We have to know our historical mistakes or we are doomed to repeat those mistakes. That is the mark of insanity to me, doing the same goofy crap and expecting a different outcome. Racism exists, marginalization exists, lack of access to great healthcare exist…We need recognition of these facts and viable plan forward, and not ridiculous distractions. If you refuse to recognize the problems and don’t have reasonable solutions. The grown folks are going to need you to go and sit down somewhere. And shut up.

TNFro, The Unpoet

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