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This is one of those episodes where I could go on and on until I stop it. 

Sipping coffee by us for all…


I will chat about what I watch, Celebrate Pride 2020 by remembering those in the Alphabet Mafia who have lost their life to live in their truth, or those advocates fighting for that recognition, share with you other writings.

Still asking…



Commenting on Insecure, the run up to the series finale.


Conversations with my cousin Drac, another creative and my BFF Janelle in his own words. In doing so I hope to honor the memory of Mr. George Floyds and reinforce the principle anti-racist movement sweeping this country, in doing less it would be irresponsible.

COVID and Racism Are Real…


If your depression, anxiety or  addictions are worse services are

Available 24 hours everyday


There is also an online chat feature


 And if Vodka is the problem, call  1-800-662-HELP (4357) for 24/7 help.


There are app like Talk Space and Headspace


an Dr on Demand that are also available in the privacy of your car and at a fraction of the cost of conventional therapy, so check them out! This journey is hard, it’s OK to ask for help.

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