Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy…Survival Mode Episode 4…We Out, Escape From New York The Beginning


XU PING (Reading a letter her mother wrote days before her death)



To My First Born


If you are reading this 


I have gone on to be with the ancestors. 


There maybe no time for my or your father’s preparation but that is ok.


We, need you to live, and continue the work.  [coordinates of a family crypt. Lokawei Cemetary, Shanghai   GPS Coordinates: 31.2110950, 121.4741560 ]

Chinese Postal Code Tracking with DHS Tracking  

WayBill 12 3456 7891



Addressed to  MA 160 SSPE Craig designation for Measles at the CDC

Craig Opens the package and out slides an Iphone Data Chip with 4 Tetrabytes of Encrypted Data


Except from Survival Code: Episode 4

[Box of letters from Mamie Johnson to Katherine. Hands Katt a letter yellowed with age, she remembers opening and reading before her great grandmother Mamie died.]

March 18, 2009

KATT (reads letter out loud)

To My Beautiful Great Granddaughter Katt Baby,

I am and will always be proud of you.

But your husband ain’t shit.

He is a first class country pussy ass nigga, who will never understand your greatness.

He will do dumb shit and take you down with him just to prove his manhood.

Love yourself and protect your grind. 

Love, Gran Mamie

P.S. The contents of my Savings Deposit Box, Jewelry box are yours always. You always have to keep something on the side from this no count men.

(Katt shakes her head and smiles at the memory)

Stay Tuned for Episode 5, Survival Code, Escape From NYC, Going Back South.

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