TNFro Having Cocktails with Friends…The Plot Thickens.


Hotep Conspiracies…


Is the WHO(White House Occupant) really in Walter Reed or did he go through the tunnels and is playing golf in Fl?

I doubt it now, but what was obvious, scoffed at the rules and now he is infected.

Is this more of a lot of nothing to deflect on more deeper shenanigans and power plays?

What bothers most taxpaying Americans with sense is…


  • Persistent flouting of the guidelines that your task force and the CDC enacted.
  • Your crew has started another flare of COVID infection in Ohio, New Jersey and the Senators nor the Governor will call you out on your reckless and feckless behavior.
  • You seek to dismantle Obamacare and EPA rules as CA burns and you get first rate healthcare, and you don’t pay taxes.
  • Your group medical experts and personal physician do not restore trust in science or medicine because they will not release any factual details of your condition. I hope you are really “shook” I would be hopeful it would change your behavior, but I am not convinced it will.
  • The timeline is way off and if you were indeed already positive and still wilded out, that is problem, and you need to be held accountable to the hundreds of people put at risk.

Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Tapes Released, Racial Unrest, Tax Evasion…what else are you hiding?

If anything, I need the chaos to end. But I am agreeing with The #AvaDuvernay


What’s Next? Check your registration and Vote!!

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