Coffee with TNFro…The WHO(White House Occupant)and Wife Tests Positive, What Now?



A speedy recovery to the Trump and Wife…Putin

VP Joe Biden removes negative attack ads, Chump campaign pledges to ramp up attacks. 

My response to his positive test and recovery.  Ahh-iight. 

The last 24 hours has been a bit surreal…Trump tests positive for Corona…my post is banded from Linked In for violating community rules.  I have said more whacked stuff, I think someone within my stream reported it as a violation, but re-affirmed why I don’t need to be on that platform…So I am officially breaking up with LinkedIn. (Doubt they will miss me)


When you work an interact positive you get positivity back. You sow dirt in the dark its going to come to light. That is not hate speech when you it out in a so-called leader in this country, it’s called the truth. 

Facts. This entire administration has shown a 

         -Callous disregard-went to that gathering in NJ knowing homegirl was positive, now leading to another hot spot of outbreak. Evidently pointing this out on

       -3rd GOP Senator , They are suppose to vote to confirm Barrett

       -TN removal of all restrictions in spite of clusters of outbreak at UT Chatt, Erlander, Silverdale Detention.

       -Numbers will rise, more confusion over mask mandates and restrictions


–Corona affects most vital systems negatively

-Lungs take the biggest hit and Muscles The heart

—-Inflammation of heart


So why is everyone acting like this plague is over? Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay at home or 9 feet from me or risk getting sprayed by Lysol. Just sayin’.

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