Coffee with TNFro…The WHO(White House Occupant)and Wife Tests Positive, What Now?

He mocked and laughed at people who wore masks and played down the seriousness of COVID, so what now?

The Coronavirus Outbreak Is A Wake-up Call Showing How Unprepared We Are To  Deal With Biological Threats

I discuss the natural progression of COVID.

The effects of this disease is almost every system of the human body.

COVID everywhere

We need transparency about contact tracing–Update to this, operation at the WH knew the aide positive, and the WHO, went unmasked to an event in New Jersey, unmasked putting everybody at risk.

This is our Wake up call and I also discuss Post COVID Myopathy-being immobile increases loss of muscle mass. Then as you fight infection your body starts breaking down muscle to get energy.

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and Bronchiectasis and Obstruction. COVID almost liquify your lungs with long term irreversible effects.


Tempering the immune response to kill the virus and not normal tissue is a balancing act that we have not mastered.

I am bothered that there continues to be a cavalier disregard for science, other’s safety in this blatant disregard for advice from the experts. Now you have set off a series of events that has unleashed a new explosion in infection by not following the rules and demanding those in your circle not follow the rules.  Now we see a rippling effect on the threat to national security and the markets, bottoming out even before opening.

All of this suffering is preventable.

The message is simple.  Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay your butt at home!!

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