Rage In TN

I am the quintessential American. I speak my mind, pay my taxes and have nerdy pursuits.

I have a right to do all these things. I also think just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. And just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you have to, but I am going to say a bunch of contrary -ish, so if you are easily offended or really think I am not the slightly liberal leaning Democrat that I have been since 1992, you may want to stop reading now. Because, it is about to go left…

November 3, 2020.  The other people of Tennessee spoke.  68 million of ya’ll voted for and support Donald Chump. I know he is a liar. He is a tax evader. He is an alleged rapist. (But I am completely convinced this fool did it.)  He is a bankrupt and failed business man. He has failed to manage a pandemic by blaming China, don’t get it twisted they are trippin’. But…you Occupant of the White House could have stopped it at LAX as well as SeaTac Seattle and  every international airport and harbor, but you refused. You could have nationalized and converted on a larger scale PPE and production of every protective gear and ventilators to keep healthcare workers safe and from wearing trash bags and using ski masks, but you didn’t. You and your cronies and zombie mouth-breathing followers distracted the American public by pushing cardiac toxic medications, Hydroxychloroquine and drinking bleach while Mitch and Lindsey continued to attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. You called Vets that died to protect your coward draft dodging ass, Losers…I am so ashamed and hurt by the blind support of every Trump voter and your cronies on Capitol Hill and Nashville. All of you can kick rocks. Karma is a bitch.

I am also annoyed that Dr. Phil and everyone else wants me to take higher ground when these fools could care less. I am fresh out of F*** s bro’. I am not taking the higher ground, discussion over…every supporter and Chump Loyalist has made your position very plain. Bite me.

How dare you racist bigoted dumb-asses lump me into to your blind privilege. My heart breaks for every child and citizen lost to this pandemic, every family evicted, every mother and father crying because their babies are hungry because the cupboards are bare, in the land of plenty for only the white and top 2%. I am just 1 generation and few paychecks from the food stamp line, my damn self. I know where I came from, and have worked hard to where I have to go. And these Republican dumbasses could care less. When one of us suffers we all suffer. Fuck you and your tunnel vision.

I want the count to continue. Because that is a democracy, 1 citizen, 1 vote. You tried to dismantle USPS by appointing another crony to do your biding, didn’t work.  Because the ballots still got to where they needed to.  You as a sociopath and want to manipulate the law that you don’t follow…not working either. Why would I hate dumbness, and a reckless disregard for the law?? Seriously, turn the other cheek my ass. And another Republican, as Secretary of State of Ga, who ran for and cheated his way to becoming the governor of Georgia, stealing it from Stacey Abrams…but wait, those shenanigans allowed her to set up an entire organization to Flip GA Blue…now I know Rep John Lewis is cheesing from Heaven!!

I listen to Ray Charles’ America the Beautiful because I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and one of the most beautiful states in the union. But then I find out that you’re willing to have this representative of foolishness rep me? And Barrett? So not close to RBG.  Nah, I don’t think so.

And all these rules that affect me and anyone that looks like me harshly and negatively, and you’re OK with that??

Just 3 weeks ago,  I was so proud to have my “I Voted TN” sticker,

 but I took a closer look and  I realized too late for a Hotep minute… all this red… Yeah. Ya’ll ain’t slick. This sticker is representative of the white, racist, conservative control of the state over the people of TN and it‘s  the old ass mugs within my age group, 45 to 60 year old but white, that are so stay in your place don’t dare come after what I have or you can pack up and get out. For a minute, I agreed. I checked where my passport was located, and most of you no traveling mugs don’t even have one, found a first-class ticket to Bermuda, and I was out. I kept asking, why are you here?   Why stay? Why the fuck am I here?  Why did I sell my property in North Carolina for this bullshit?!?  Then the realization hit.  I’m an obnoxious heifer and I’m really vindictive. If I can find a way to beat you at your own game and get the fuck what I want I’m in!  So if I find you  supported or gave a pass to  the rhetoric and voted for that fool…you don’t get my money. Nor will I  waste my medical talent on  anybody in this goddamn state who voted for this fool. Y’all can suck it. No I’m not gonna risk my life for anybody that refuses to see how ridiculous you bigoted ways are.  Don’t call me, I’m not available.  I got a whole bunch of pain I have process and I’m not gonna put my life on the line for you. I’m not that good of a Christian.  

I am a Black women in these United State, what is the difference between today and yesterday? I have more knowledge and confirmation of the ill will people have for people like me, so nothing is changed except my awareness of that fact.  I am in the position where I can actually piss off a whole bunch of people as I prepare myself to make one of the biggest moves of my life.  I want to tick off a whole bunch of confederate ghosts and other racist on a mountain here in TN because the property I have my eye on is right on one of the most prestigious locations in the city.

That broke black girl with a FRO wants a property overlooking the city and that will be one of the pinnacles of my life and career. I am hopeful that a double middle finger to a whole bunch of people as I return it to its former glory. Watch me whip and nah-nah…

I’m excited about getting my life and my health in order so I can actually enjoy it in peace, and without pain. I know it’s not gonna be easy.  I know that they’re going to be a lot of people that are not gonna be able to ride for me.  I know if there’s gonna be other people that I’m gonna have to leave behind because I can’t have people pulling at me to complete them when I got to keep me together, go away stop it.

I’m absolutely lucky and hopeful that people will get this message and let me process it all and let me work through it.  Let me just be me because my trust has been broken. I don’t feel all that safe. I’m gonna have to actually build up some newer psychological walls to actually help protect myself to allow myself to heal.

 But this is the most perfect time to be a creative because I’ve have an outlet.   Who am I? I’m still Dale’s Daughter, Mary Eliza Jane James Smith’s granddaughter.   I am Felicia.  I am that chick with the ‘Fro and with the attitude.  I’m a skeptic. I am the gun-toting, bowie knife wielding angry chick. If you want to know me, ask. If you want to know how to deal with me, ask. If you don’t want to know an honest, blunt opinion don’t step to me. I’m not your freaking token. I’m a little mad at Tennessee right now, and I am only referring to myself as the TalkingFro. But I am absolutely honored if you read and dig this post as I journey back to normalcy. Thank you for reading this rant!

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