Side-Eye, Side Bars…Really Aaron Rodgers.

I'm calling BS on Aaron Rodgers. He said he did his own research by asking Joe Rogen… Do you mean the podcaster? Did this fool get an MD degree over the weekend that I did know about? Hi is like myself although I am an amateur podcast or without the massive platform that Rogen but … Continue reading Side-Eye, Side Bars…Really Aaron Rodgers.

Side Eye Side Bar

If you are a Creative or Content Creator, then create. If you are a writer, then write. But if haven’t done either, you are neither. You get rewarded when you are on your hustle. Step your game up and your payday will come. Until then… And nobody else is paying for vapor and lies. Send … Continue reading Side Eye Side Bar

Rage In TN

I am the quintessential American. I speak my mind, pay my taxes and have nerdy pursuits. I have a right to do all these things. I also think just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it. And just because you can say something, doesn’t mean you have to, but I am … Continue reading Rage In TN