Side-Eye, Side Bars…Really Aaron Rodgers.

I’m calling BS on Aaron Rodgers. He said he did his own research by asking Joe Rogen…

Do you mean the podcaster? Did this fool get an MD degree over the weekend that I did know about? Hi is like myself although I am an amateur podcast or without the massive platform that Rogen but unlike me he’s not professional scientist nor a doctor. And he unlike me, is spreading this misinformation that young healthy people don’t need to get the vaccine.

That is completely untrue. Aaron Rodgers is a liar straight up.

and he was protected by the Green Bay organization. I think they knew he was not vaccinated. You can’t tell me that they did not want this high priced marque quarterback to sit out because they knew his stance on the vaccine. He also double down on the lies by saying he is allergic to a component in the vaccine, but won’t name it. Maybe Rogen couldn’t pronounce the component so that is why he could name it.

Like one other sportscaster said over the weekend, Aaron Rodgers got cute, with his words and he got caught out. He shamefully quoted Martin Luther King Jr., likening his lying about getting vaccinated comparing it to more serious to not following Jim Crow laws and rules of white supremacy. He went on a 45 minute diatribe to support his lack of following the NFL rules and the NFL being on some type of witchhunt to enforce the safety of players, staff, and fans.

Aaron Rodgers thought his white man privilege or just rich dude privilege gave him a get out of jail free charge. His status exempted him from contracting and spreading a virus that is killing people. AR doesn’t have to follow the rules and the rules don’t apply to him. He put his teammates at risk. He put the public at risk. And he put other newscasters at risk. And shame on him.

This also just highlights what’s going on in the rest of the world. In places with the lowest vaccination rates like Romania and other former Eastern Bloc countries, Russia, and in Germany of all places there having a resurgence of this virus. And what is the experts think that’s fueling this new resurgence is unvaccinated people and in unfortunately in children. These kids are getting sick and so a lot of them are dying. But people like Aaron Rodgers think that that doesn’t apply to them and their willfully spreading this virus. So what is it going to take?

They’re not going to make him sit out. Whatever they fine him, is not going to make a dent in his multi-million-dollar contract and that the Packers already lost the game with the backup. I wonder if they would find some wrongdoing or cover-up in the Packers organization, would they basically force the Packers to forfeit next several games? What would that do to their record and their prospects for the playoffs? That’s how you take care of a sociopath rule breaker, you lower the boom and unfortunately you have to make an example out of them. Does the NFL have the Kahunas to enforce their own rules?

But I’m also all about a consistent message for this virus. I don’t know what more research he needs to know but here what we do know bears repeating.

One. Get the jab

Two. If you have to be inside, make sure the ventilation system is on fleek.

Three. Wear a freakin’ Mask!

Four. And wash your hands.

Countries doing all this have held back the virus, and are returning to normal. Those countries like the US, Brazil, Russia, that are in denial people are suffering and needlessly dying. People would rather believe some lie or unproven theory or a fantasy instead of the truth. They look for any narrative to fit their own misguided belief.

It ain’t over y’all the pandemic just ain’t over.

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