Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy…ST Discovery Ep. 4 Forget Me Not, The Burn and Trill Society Collapse, Pitch For Star Trek Magazine



Complete Spoilers about Star Trek Episode 4 and updates from Star Trek Online. 

The episode centers around the Discovery Crew’s coming to terms with the why of their mission. 

Also the newest character…the non-binary character Adira 


First permanent human joined with Trill Symbiont

And a the Trans-character Gray



Alira has to return to the Trill home world


A extra-terrestrial Eden, or actual Eden…



and the Caves of Mak’ala to regain the memories of the Admiral Senna Tul and the other hosts


Who looks like Terry Bradshaw…

Their love and joining maybe the key to the salvation of Trill Society and the Federation. Also maybe my ticket to getting published in the Star Trek Magazine if they accept my pitch.



 Also their is still a large cohort of American voters and general dumbasses that need a bag of Gummi Penises. 


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