Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy…ST Discovery Ep. 5 Die Trying, Social Media and Recap


The Star Trek Universe is rich with a plethora of content!

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Not a fan of this post-burn Captain or his cronies on the new Star Fleet base. But the cinematography is cray!


32nd Century Starships are Large and Sleeker…



But this character portrayed by David Cronenberg is the most intriguing.


This mysterious person personally led the interrogation of Emperor Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) once she was identified as a Terran hailing from the Mirror Universe. While he never stated who he was or what his intentions are, it’s extremely likely the man in black is an agent of Section 31 and he matched Georgiou for cunning and deception. 



Again another multi-layered episode with a ship that could give Seed Savers a run for their money


Episode 5 Holy Moley…

Starfleet and the Federation used to be separate entities based in United Earth‘s San Francisco but after the Burn, the Terran homeworld banished both organizations and became a self-sustaining isolationist planet. Because of the widespread belief that the Burn was an attack on the Federation, it combined with Starfleet out of necessity and hid its new headquarters, a massive starbase, with a cloaked distortion field. 

We say goodbye to old friends….our favorite Barzan gives the Deuces…


And Burnham astutely believes, the Starfleet and the Federation are more than technology and starships – the Federation is its people.


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