Thanksgiving In the time of COVI-K

I dedicate this blog post to 2 cool individuals that I love and get to call family, my aunt Melody “Vern” Brown and Milton Brown.

Me and Vern at the Casino(Don’t Judge)

And no, that’s not a misspelling if you understand language in what I call Vintage-Black-folk-Speak. Vintage Black Folks, have a way to emphasize the seriousness of a disaster, storm, or illness. They tend to subtly change the endings of words or conjugate non-verbs to emphasize the danger of these changed words, i.e. COVI-K. If we had listened to them at all and consistently months ago, all of us would’ve known and believed the seriousness of this disaster. We would have listened and sat our butts down, stayed at home, and wore a mask, and we would’ve had ultimate control of it all. Only MAGA fools, have allowed this thing to last 8 months too long. 

But I digress… Even with financial crisis, social unrest, political chaos it would appear we are indeed in the end of time. But in spite of all of this or maybe because of all, I’ve become particularly reflective as we run up to Thanksgiving day. I am sheltering in place where people leave me the hell alone. It’s safe, it’s clean, and it’s beautiful here in the Tennessee Valley. Big ups to Adrienne, the ultimate landlady and did I say again I am allowed to safely shelter in place in Northside Tennessee and I love it when people leave me the hell alone? Hermit of the world we are united, we’re doing just fine in our own self prolonged lockdown. We never emerged since March. I really have an issue with everyone else bursting to be in crowded locations, breathing the same contaminated air, and touching the same contaminated surfaces. Nah, we’re good. Solitude makes you creative. Try it.

I am particularly thankful for so many things in this season. Don’t get me wrong, 2020 has sucked the big one. But in spite of it all over because of it all I have been counting my blessings every single day.

Few of the things I am so thankful(feel free to comment and leave what you are thankful for in the comments)

  • I voted in person 
  • I sold two homes and I’m exploring purchasing my next one here in Tennessee. 
  • Did I mention I love living in the #Northside of Chattanooga?
  • I have the coolest truck on the planet an F150 Lariat… Baby Baby!!
  • I get to dream about next year. 
  • Megan Thee Stallion’s new album is the bomb did-lee!! 
  • The sun is shining .
  • I get to feast on the written word, that means I love books and I love to read.
  • I get to have an unconventional Thanksgiving right in my house. Caviar, Oysters, and King Crab…yeah it’s like that…
Caviar, CA
Oysters, MA
Alaskan Monster King Crab Legs
  • I’m allowed to be a Trek nerd and Tech Nerd because people leave me the hell alone.
  • I get to work every day and from home.
  • I have the audacity to make a list of my blessings 
  • I get to write every single day just because I want to.
  • We’re in the Fall season and I am particularly loving watching the change from my window. Brilliant color of the leaves the wonderful reds in the sun sets with highlights of pink at dust. Dust and Dawn are beautiful in the Tennessee Valley. 
  • I have access to beautiful fresh flowers #flowersbyAdrienne
  • There’s a service that delivers booze here!  
  • I no longer have mortgages 
  • This is the second year that I have not had to do contract medical work and I have more money saved ever and I am way below or at 6% credit utilization go figure.
  • God still is alive and protects me

All I am and all that I have accomplished is due to the will of God.  I am nothing without him. If I ever were to forget that all of this would be smoke, gone in a second. 

Cheers from TN

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving In the time of COVI-K

  1. Melody Brown says:

    Love it! Wish I was there….. you, wine and crab legs! I couldn’t ask for anything more☺ I am also thankful for having a niece like you! Brilliant, Beatiful .😘♥ should I say more☺ Love you! I can’t wait until I get to visit. ♥

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