More Thanksgiving Reflections in the Time of COVI-K, What about your friends?

***No, that’s not a misspelling if you understand language in what I call Vintage-Black-folk-Speak. Change in the ending means, this -ish is real. This is not a drill. Sit your ass down, wash your G-D hands and wear an F-in mask, Period.***

Exhale, Namaste. I have been cruising over 5000 photos spanning this decade and I am amazed how fast time passed. I was just planning to celebrate my 40th birthday in England…

Bought my mid-life crisis ride Shelly the Shelby

Shelly the Shelby 2012

And along the way I have met awesome and wonderful people that I love and respect and still are such a large part of my life.

Also, bacon

Bacon Quiche

This was not a good look or taste…

Bacon Wrapped Turkey legs Thanksgiving 2015


Seafood Topped Ramen

and my dog Fred (RIP 2015)

Fred Baxter, Lhasa Apso

played a large part of who I was and what I ate…

Bacon Signal

I have met so many cool people that let me love the Cowboys

Me same Hair at ATT Arlington TX
Me and Michelle ATT Stadium by Chance

Understood my love of food, life and even NASCAR

Me and Lurtsay Nascar 2016

Didn’t matter didn’t quite get my fascination but it was so much fun being with another cool aunt!!!

Jessica and I

Worked and played hard, and definitely could have run the joint..


Either of them could have run the joint, and I know I would have been perfectly happy working for or with either of them. They were knowledgeable and just so smarter than any one in leadership in our department. Am I throwing shade at a former employer, hell yeah I am.

Medical Informatics 2015

I have not participated in another In The Field since 2016

In the Field Sonoma 2016

I miss places like Hawaii and friends traveling together

Cheryl and I Boat Cruise Oahu 2017

New friends met during training in the Pacific Northwest, we bonded over pies and dinner.

Instructors doing it big

I miss seeing and talking cash -ish with my ROAD DOG!!! Janelle, #JBSmooveVA

Resort before Janet Concert

And when all else, Get together to stomp grapes and meet new friends…

Grape Stomp

First time and a minute no trip for trash talking at Fedex Field with my Road Dog and meeting amazing crazy fans…

Crazy Fans

Birthday Celebrations painting and drinkin’…

Janelle’s Paint and Sip

Or even at a Drag Club…the coolest idea ever…

Janelle, Sarah, and …

I would strike up a conversation with Tami on a plane to the DR celebrating my birthday and years later we are still in contact…

Tami and I

But would attend a Reunion at Mary Washington College in VA to reconnect with amazing Women of Color…

Women of Color ’93

Or I check into the Jefferson Hotel for my birthday to spend the Weekend of August 2019 to eat crabs, chill with friends, and hit the casino, because I can.

Cheryl H, Janelle, and me
Slots Day 1 2019

Has it been 27 years since I graduated from MWC? Yeah, wow time is flying.

I am in a job where my team lead and friend…

Big Suze C…not really she is really tiny

Awards me with tiaras and let’s me twirl…

Go me it’s my birthday!!

I miss my cousin and road dog and ticked off the rest of ya’ll refuse to act right to end this nonsense…

Viva, Janelle, Me Renaissance Washington DC 2019

Because the COVI-K came and my dreams of a repeat stopped, life on hold…

Headed to Captain D’s April 2020 Before my masks came

The restrictions don’t bother me as much as knowing this could have been over months ago if people would have just listened. I miss my friends I miss just being…

I am blessed because I am alive and breathing without a ventilator. I am thankful for all the blessings, friendships, football games to come…

Maui Sunset, 2008

And sunsets to dream about. I will get back there again. Yes, I will.

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  1. Melody Brown says:

    Wow! Simply Beautiful! What a fun life! You have done and accomplished a lot! Great photo’s! Wonderfully put together! But hey i’am your biggest fan!( But not crazy like that chick in misery!)😄😘♥

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