TNFRO is Reading…About Cardinals and Reflections During the “COVIK-Panorama”


Where does FroBird Go?

Partial Range of the Northern Cardinal

When I get vaccinated against COVIK next spring and I truly feel safe traveling, I plan on doing some Bird peeping in the Southern part of FroBird’s habitat, looking out for my beautiful feathered spirit bird and listening to his song

What does he eat?

FroBird eating Rasberries

Self Isolation

I have been asking myself throughout this “panorama” what do I have to avoid and what do I have to do to maintain sanity? I have been sneak playing Christmas Carols since oh…Halloween. Here is a sample of some of the songs from my Amazon Music Playlist consider subscribing or just add songs to your playlist on Pandora or Spotify.

Leslie Odom Jr

Snow Leslie Odom Jr.

2. #MariahCarey #AllIWantForChristmas #MakeMyWishComeTrue Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True Edition) Mariah Carey

All I Want for Christmas is You Mariah Carey


Whitney Houston

I Love The Lord by Whitney Houston


Donny Hathaway

This Christmas Donny Hathaway



This Christmas Pentatonix


Whitney Houston

Joy to the World Whitney Houston featuring the Georgia Mass Choir

7. How many people besides James Brown can rock a conk like that???

Nat King Cole

The Christmas Song…Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire by Nat King Cole

Also, I am having much joy trying to figure out how to play the Legend of Zelda…Breathe of the Wild

And unveil new islands and get the freakin’ spirit flower on Spirit Farer. OMG my ship is starting to look just like this!!!

Spirtfarer Screenshot

And just unplugging from social media by playing Solitaire Grand Harvest free on the App store! Thanks Dr. Phil!

There are so many pitfalls and loneliness can be just as deadly as COVID. It can drive you to super-spreading travel and family gatherings. I miss my family, grateful all of us are still alive and “COVIK” free. But the whole Thelma and Louise driving with a Depends to visit people putting myself and them at risk. So not happening. I am learning you only receive good if you put it out there. You know, I am not entitled to be supported nor am I entitled to be treated well or with any respect. But if I put out there, I do expect it back. So will will continued to endeavor to be a good and respectful person enjoying the fruits of my labor and all the rewards of service and what my 35% tax rate gets me.

Let us endeavor to forget the player haters and the people that have did us dirty. Strive to remember someone fondly in your memories today and feel happy they are present in your memories and your life! Until we see each other again…

My Cousins Viva and Drac in NYC

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