Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy…Christmas Music, FroBird, ST Discovery, The Stand

FroBird is still Fluttering encouraging as it swoops and burst into song.


My Amazon Music Black Christmas Playlist has become Leslie Odom Jr

Leslie Odom Jr. Christmas

Smokey Robinson…

Smokey Robinson, Christmas

And Luther Vandross Heavy…But actually this skinny Luther.

Skinny Luther Vandross Class Christmas

Star Trek Discovery

Ships of Star Trek

ISS Charon Terran Flagship
Terran Flagship, Mirror Universe

ST Discovery Logs–This week’s Chilling Personal Log Mirror Universe Burnham

ST Recap

The episodes we find out about the complexity of relationships Terran Mirror Verse

Chilling…Michael Burnham character. She wanted to show them another way to rule to live, but it all resulted in death of Michael Burnham again.

Michael Burnham tortured and Broken

Georgio has to kill Mirror Michael Burnham again. This is the coolest fight scene of this season…Need more of this.

We say goodbye to the baddest, meanest, Sho’ Nuff Craziest Terran in the Mirror Universe.

Burnham Says goodbye to her mother, Phillipa Georgio

Theirs was a complicated relationship. Obvious caring between the Characters. The Phillipa Georgio character was like that crazy friend that you want to ride shotgun as you do some crazy shit like drive across the United States Thelma and Louise style or take as many Patron shots while watching the Cowboys demolish t the Washington Football Team nee Dead-skins…well not this year, but 2 years ago when Dallas had an Offense.

She walks into forever

Phillipa, the principal universe was literally pulling her apart, and the 2.0 version could not survive in the treacherous Teran Mirror Universe. He future was on the other side.

The Stand

My cousin Viva and I will be rehashing fussing recapping each episode over this limited engagement on CBS All Access of Stephen King’s tome, the Stand, excited because Whoopi was in it…

which both of us read years ago then re-read again in prep for this part of the Podcast.

Whoopi Goldberg As Sis Abigail

Random thoughts…

Someone in authority will come back to bury everyone…girl you have to do it yourself.

The significance of the pie this early in the story…

Why is Harold Lauder so significant in this version?

Frannie would have had to die, too gross to put my finger down someone else throat to make them vomit up 100 sleeping pills…and dude no charcoal…so this is the medical doctor in me so not suspending my disbelief. And why isn’t Harold Lauder fat as hell, and he quoting medical stats…da f***

Harold and Frannie, the Stand

I had significant difficulty following this story, very aggravating and just plain annoying. We will see if I will get through the entire limited series

**Extended Notes for 9th of 12 Podcasts of Christmas and Over 40 and Unapologetically Nerdy Shows.**

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