TNFro Is Reading…Countdown Reboot for the 12 Podcasts, 8 down 4 to go(I can’t count)

TNFro Is Reading…Adele is on repeat and the TN State Assembly is On One. feliciabaxter

I originally wasn't going to say a word about the special session and the state GOP raid on Public Health and good sense, but when Gen. Powell died it supported why mandates are important to me.  I posted the full letter on my Dalesangelsinc Blog. Let me know your thoughts.  You know your girl is on her hustle, support the show by navigating to: Chattabooks…Last releases to read Dale's Angel's Store…For Merch Ship A Bag of Dicks for Glitter Bombs and Chocolate Penises…promo code:tnfrogotjokes Tip A Sister If You Wanna Hear Better and More Favorably Produced Episodes! Or leave a tip if you want more produced for better-produced episodes! Cash App$TNFro or even Venmo Venmo @Felicia-Baxter-3  
  1. TNFro Is Reading…Adele is on repeat and the TN State Assembly is On One.
  2. TNFro Is Reading…Mercury is in Retrograde One More Day…
  3. TNFro Is Reading…Sipping Coffee,Watching, Listening to and generally fussing about….
  4. TNFro is Reading…And Podcasting and Chair Dancing to Nikki, Rick, Chole…GURRL What Ya Do Doing and What You Talking About
  5. TNFro is Reading…And Podcasting-GURRL What Ya Do Doing and What You Talking About?,

This Episode was so much fun to produce how far I’ve come from the 420 downloads from the previous year! I am on tap to be over 3000 by the end of the year!

I am thankful if this cheers up at least 1 person! Keep listening and share with others!

In this episode I will discuss Christmas in France, and in fact Paris and what the cancellation of Mass at Notre Dame 


means for the “renewal of faith”. Out of Ashes our faith will rise…

I will also discuss Christmas Traditions in Greece

Boats_and_Christmas_Trees_Greece.jpg Boats Decorated for Christmas in Greece

Christmas_Cookies_Greece_Melomakarona.jpg Melomakarona Cookies Exchanged and Carols sung in Greece

 Christmas_in_Greece_foodjpg.jpg Christ Bread, Greece

and India. 

Christmas_In_India_Paper_Stars.jpg  Paper Stars, India

‘Bade Din ki Mubarak’; Merry Christmas in Sanskrit

 Christmas_Dinner_India.jpg Traditional Indian Meal for Christmas

Continue Reading and Commenting on Dickens a Christmas Carol Ebenezer_Scrooge.jpg 

And why he couldn’t be a tragic character.

Christmas Traditions

      There is so much turmoil in the world and the response of people to the turmoil. I am determined to continue to learn to live peacefully and without drama.

Charlie Brown Tree 2019 in storage now

This really is the most wonderful time of the year! I am still adding my favorite carols to my Black Christmas Carols Playlist on Amazon. My favorite addition today is Johnny Mathis, conked hair and all!

      If you are searching for help and direction in your struggles with depression and addiction

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday

There is also an online chat feature

And if Vodka is the problem, call  1-800-662-HELP (4357) for 24/7 help.

There are app like TalkSpace 

and Dr on Demand

that are also available in the privacy of your car, office, or in the park for that matter and at a fraction of the cost of conventional therapy, so check them out! This journey is hard, it’s ok to ask for help.

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