TNFro Is Reading…Happy New Year, Double Middle Finger to 2020, ST Discover and The Standing


Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Sydney, Australia put on a stunning fireworks show from Sydney Harbour Bridge and over the iconic Sydney Opera House to ring in 2021.

2021 In Australia

In past years, 1 million people crowded the harbour to watch fireworks, but most watched on television this year as authorities urge residents to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Australia was among the first nations to usher in the New Year because of its proximity to the International Date Line, but is a grim end to the year for New South Wales and Victoria, the country’s two most populous states, which are battling to curb new COVID-19 outbreaks.

Kind of jealous, Australia and New Zealand got to put the shitshow that was 2020 behind them first.

I was actually awake, sent out my Happy New Year’s texts then went to sleep and slept really well. I believe most people are like me and we all were just so glad to see 2020 in the rear view mirror and give the double middle finger to the entire year. Lots of anger, hurt and loss.

What a shit-show of a year is in the rear view mirror!!! I think globally as we celebrate 2021 we are all reflective and play never have I ever…

I never thought I would be a whole year older, a little heavier but I am alive!

I never thought I would sale my first and second home in 2 months.

I never thought I would be almost 3000 downloads of a podcast I started to entertain myself would sustain my in this past year. I am most at peace when I get to create and agitated when I can’t.

I never thought so many people would die from a virus stalking us indiscriminately and the government would do nothing, and still is doing nothing.

I never thought I would have a bug out bag with masks, gloves, Lysol, and Raid.

I never knew I wish I knew about my current home, and I consider my perch on Mississippi Avenue, not so much a transition, but my home. I am safe here and I get to create. Did I mention how safe I feel? This is new with so much uncertainty and so many people that have blown the trust of partners and of the world and every citizen of this once great country, I feel safe in this corner of Tennessee. This feeling of safety is foreign to me. Kind of disconcerting but I am leaning into this feeling.

I never thought I would still have friendships from childhood, college and still meeting and growing closer to more people in my old age. Who knew I am actually likable?

I am a brand and still building it.

I also am using this blog as a means to practice writing and sharing notes from my podcast with link backs between the podcast and the notes.

TNFro Is Reading…Grieving These Hypocritical States Of America, Meaning of Freedom from Juneteenth, Reading Lighter Fare… By The Book feliciabaxter

"America! America! God mend thine every flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law!" Lyrics America The Beautiful America is flawed. The freedom that democracy brings allows people that look like me to express our opinions. I thought there was room for all these ideas to exist. But a select few have come to power appointed by a corrupt sociopath to appoint the ridiculous right wing to the highest court. Ready to strike down precedence and law to push forward a conservative idea that they want to strong hand the rest of us to comply. Appears to be no choice for any of their removal without a lengthy impeachment process. So we deal for 25 years until disease or the natural process of retirement takes place. We have lackey's like overseer Justice Thomas willing to take up the banner for the cult of idiocy, leading us into an era of darkness and stupidity. They have a right to be conservative, I just don't have to abide by this moralistic BS, but they have no right to restrict the freedoms of others, all contrary to the ideas and premise of this country. We are entering an era of darkness and restriction. I can only seek the light, and create content of a world I used to live in and a world I want to trust to see again. As I make my plans for my next adventure. Look for me in the horizon. Is she coming or going? America I feel you can express dissent and disappointment in decisions, but when you want to suppress dissent and block freedom of expression you risk a descent into fascism. That is not the America I want to be in. Let's be clear, the people didn't want Roe v. Wade overturned. We the people don't want a reversal of same-sex marriage recognition. We the people DO NOT want transexual children and adults to be denied healthcare. Don't fear my entire episode is not so heavy… My mind is still at finessing at the Pynck on fictitious P-Valley!! Where queens like the non-binary Uncle Clifford exist fantastically! Uncle Clifford, P-Valley Recap Juneteenth… Reading and commenting on By The Book… Also scammers tried it with Subpoena Scam… Subscribe monthly on  Patreon or Podbean Click link to sign up! Check out Dale's Angels Inc Blog for notes from this episode and other subjects. Contact Us via LinkedIn: Dale's Angels Inc Twitter: @tvfoodwinegirl Instagram: @tnfroisreading YouTube: Facebook: TNFroIsReading Bookclub You know your girl is on her hustle, support the show by navigating to: Online Bookstore: Far From Beale St. Books Dale's Angel's Store…For Merch Promo Code: tnfro Writer's Block Coffee Ship A Bag of Dicks Promo Code: tnfrogotjokes Don't forget to drop me a line at comments on the show or suggestions for Far From Beale St additions.  Or you can leave a brief message at the following link Non-trolley messages will be read on the show! Subscribe and follow me on Spotify and #AllHailTheQueen #PlatinumJubilee #HerRoyalMajesty #GreatBritain  @_realityrecords @blacksuccessgoal #podcasthost #podcastersunite #applepodcast #podcasting #podcast #spotifypodcast #podcasters #podbean #podcastshow #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster@_realityrecords @blacksuccessgoal #podcast  #tennessee #podcastersofinstagram #britonmedia #monday #blackownedbusiness #ukraine #blackexcellence #creative
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I still am a nerdy Trekkie, I just am.

I didn’t even post last week’s log because Sa’ru nice but boring. But Burnham always brings it with candor and intensity.

I didn’t even post last week’s Ships of Star Trek because again it was pretty lame.

Porta Temporis by STLegacy

ST Discovery, Episode 12 There is a Tide

I wasn’t really excited about this particular episode but there was so much action that I love. The storyline is a bit whacked but at least it seemed to flow a bit better.

Osyraa and crew | Image: CBS

I am real tired of this green tramp…she is going to need to go!

Burnham is so expressive

Sonequa Green as Burnham CBS

and the growth of her relationship with Book is pretty awesome! Need more positive imagery of Black relationship in 32nd Century, give us hope in the 21st century.

David Ajala as Book

Also this is the build up to the last episode which I am sure will be epic if these cute but lethal robots are part of it.

DOT-23 robot | Image: CBS

Lastly, I am holding back from another disappointing watch of Stephen King’s The Stand on CBS. I started re-reading the book because I seriously thought I had missed something while viewing the TV series. They have added superfluous details not needed in the richly detailed 1400 page original tome. I don’t understand the why of it all. If they had just followed and updated 1 storyline for the 21st century, it would have been good, but no, they are doing to much for the sake of Hollywood drama.

Whoopi as Mother Abigail in The Stand 2020

I am disturbed that they have made Larry Underwood Black but they are not building on the strengths. In the book he is clearly a song stealing drunk who has great potential but needs to work on it. I am over 700 pages in and Leo formerly known as Joe reclaims his name and is a seer. He sees right into Harold’s dark soul. Nadine is seen for her dedication to being the whore of the Adversary, who really isn’t Satan per se, but is willing to cape for him in this post infectious apocalyptic world. The newly formed government, called the Freezone committee has decided to send spies to Vegas, the Adversary stronghold, but they lose their spiritual focus when Mother Abigail goes onto a spiritual mission.

Random thoughts on the book, why the only Black person in the whole newly established free zone is this 1 lone 108 year old woman? Why are the only people in leadership old Codgers from TX and skinny white girl from Maine, and some fat kid wanna be leader, Harold Lauder?

I have so much to be thankful for and so much encouragement and images I would like to write about and celebrate.

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