TNFro Is Reading…Podcast Notes Complete

TNFro Is Reading…Reflecting on MLK, Manifestation of the Dream, RIP Shabba Do, Chattabook Additions feliciabaxter

**Full Episode Notes On Dalesangelsinc Blog** Discuss the manifestation of the Dream, The 4 Year Nightmare coming to an End. The passing of an icon of Street Dancing. Adolfo "Shabba-Doo" Quinones from the iconic Breakin 1 and 2. Navigate to and use the following codes to get a percentage off of your order.     Take $10 off $75+ Coupon code:KING       As well navigate  to Chattabooks, my online bookstore, to purchase all the books discussed in this and previous episodes.   to support me and other local booksellers. Writer's Block Coffee Promo-Code: tnfroisreading   Ship A Bag of Dicks Promo Code: tnfrogotjokes     Don't forget to navigate to for all special offers and updates on nerd news. Drop me a line at  or even leave a 2 minute voicemail at 423-463-0658…no trolly messages please. Your comments may actually be read or played during the podcast! Also if you like what you are hearing and tired of free-loading become a patron through Podbean 
  1. TNFro Is Reading…Reflecting on MLK, Manifestation of the Dream, RIP Shabba Do, Chattabook Additions
  2. Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy…Space Nerd News, Video Games for Old People, and all things Star Trek Recap
  3. TNFro Is Reading…Reading A Promised Land on The Gulf Coast of Alabama
  4. Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy…Space Nerd and all things Star Trek Recap
  5. TNFro is Reading…The Duke and I by Julia Quinn and Watching Bridgerton by Shondaland

Several Senators and Congressmen from the House have lost their minds…I am starting off this year with a Political Read to show my disgust for their actions.

I am working on more works of words not only to entertain myself but hopefully others and here is an except from my vision board.

I will dedicate myself to a podcast schedule for the upcoming year, here it is synopsis of the weekly schedule.

TNFro is Watching Bridgerton from ShondaLand Productions. A brilliant production and epic historical romance series maybe greater than shall I say it Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice??? Testament to money well spent on great writing, costumes, set building, and great actors. ABC eat your heart out…

Reading the Chattabooks Bridgerton Series

So Many Books So Little Time

I have no desire to continue to watch the Stand miniseries, but the book

is really good, rich in detail and character development. The series was an out of touch, socially tone-deaf replication and miserable sequel. Highly disappointing.

I would hope the President Elect and anyone hopeful to run for the presidency would read this book, and take notes. I think will give you some insight into the sanctity of the office and fitness mentally and physically of the women and men to hold that office.

The Greatest President of All Time, GPOAT

I am so looking forward to getting into the immersive storyline of the Legend of Zelda…Breath of the Wild

and continue my search for the elusive PS5.

Alibris Wishlist for Hard To Find Titles and Backordered Items

This week’s episode is full of every title that made me happy and I am hopeful will bring joy to others also!

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