TNFro Is Reading…I was not ok

I had to have a change in scenery in spite of the COVIK-Panorama.

My duplex is the one on the left with the orange chairs

I bailed on TN while the snow flurries flew for my 6.5-hour haul to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

After the Rain, i-65 Alabam

I need to drink coffee, daydream over the waves, and play Spiritfarer on my Nintendo Switch.

Gulf Shores, Morning Coffee and Moody Gulf Skies

I’m annoyed because the Panorama continuation keeps me from bouncing to the DR. I didn’t feel like publishing my podcast because my head could not process the nonsense in DC. Why the flight? I thought I was watching a horrible B-movie from the 1970s or at least the worst reality show ever. I felt it in my spirit, that my world was ending, bizarro upside down world. The minions of the orange hued rat king, stormed my Capitol, because BITCH, I pay my taxes, vote, and served my country in the Air Force these fools desecrated the very halls of government for what?

I sat on my ass and watched some mouth-breather from freakin’ Arkansas breaking into Speaker Pelosi’s office and putting his dirty ass feet on her desk.

These fools did not penetrate the barrier as much as they were let in by Capitol police. Were these officers so demoralized that they identified with the rioters or were they instructed to do nothing? Black Life Matters protesters, protesting for a real cause with every reason to riot were peaceful and treated like criminals,

these vandals- trespassers-street thugs with MAGA hats-anarchists invited in with no resistance.

Wednesday, The Capitol

They scaled the walls

Broke out windows

Rifled through desks

Disrupted government proceedings

Except for the Air Force Vet that was shot trying to crawl through the window in the mayhem, who died not on a battlefield but trying to enter the Senate chambers under the delusion of a revolution but instead a descent into anarchy and chaos. Don’t get it twisted this #chumprally was not a protest but an out and out riot. All these fools were  truly participating and encouraging an insurrection which is treason.

Every enabler, Coked-out child of #chump, lawmaker willing to further their own careers on this nonsense and doubling down on conspiracies…we voted..not for you, you lost, end of story.

The world watched it all unfold, we have the tape, “Jeeper” and his boys, and that cheetoh flame colored fool occupying the White House,  all need to be prosecuted. You can’t spew bile then say you are sorry, because we know you are not, you don’t think any rules apply to you, too late, you’re done.

Am I ok? Um kind of. I am not ok with the shenanigans and complete disregard for public property and a complete disregard for our institutions of government. I am not ok with the overreaction of a peaceful demonstration and allowing bedlam from a bunch of white supremacist anarchist. I am not ok with both FB and Twitter finally banning this orange-tinged fool accounts after years of hate and bile and lies. Where was this crusade on hate speech 1400 days ago?

But we can only go up from here. Am I hopeful for many arrests because of the mayhem? Nope. Am I hopeful they will invoke the 25th Amendment in the last days of this shitshow of no government? Nope. Do I have confidence anyone on Capitol Hill is capable of doing the right thing? Nope. Am I confident more Americans will become more familiar with Constitutional law in the next few weeks? Yes. We know the law better than the politicians who are too scared to do their job. Shame on all of you. You let him and his goons be the sociopath his Daddy Freddy created; we all have memories. We are not pleased, fix it now.

Until the politicians figure it out, and until the media can stop sensationalizing the dumbness of it all, I am on a break from TV news. I may cast a jaded eye to the local papers but that’s it for now. I am only concentrating on how the City Council in Chattanooga is going to take care of these potholes on Mississippi Ave and Frazier, because that’s all I can handle.

My nerves just can’t take it. My apologizes to every sane international viewer of this shitshow that has become the worst political reality show ever. This is not the real US, this is the dumb, Kardashian-like only for likes show that DOES NOT represent the real sane people in this county. I am the people, all of this is an epic fail. Fix it, or we are out.

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