TNFro Is Reading…Homegirl Holy Hour, The Kid from Nazareth, Easter and other Boujee Symbols

**Full Notes for TNFro is Reading Podcast**

(Gloria In D)Born of a virgin, Mary

Descendant from a King, David

Born in a barn, Bethlehem

Came of age in town, Nazareth

He was the word made manifest,

Not at all unexpected,

Legal proof of his existence debated unnecessarily for 2000 years.

Whole organized religions perverting his truth.

Dominating, conquering in his name ultimately failing, falling because all flimsy foundations fall.

He was spirited to Egypt to escape murder by a King to return to Nazareth as a child, shown at the Temple to the teachers who would betray him to be murdered.

It doesn’t not matter if the parables happened or if and when Jesus came back to Nazareth. It is most important if the words were spoken and we receive them into our hearts and minds. The words accepted into our spirits.

Take it or leave. Believe it or not. The words go on even unto his death because we have to do the work to accept it all.

The journey did not end on Golgotha, it just begun. The Book of Life may not have ended with The Book of Revelation.

Jesus is coming back. I would argue He never left.

Just for clarification…Jesus was a brother or at least other…can’t be exposed to all that sun and not be bronze, jus’ sayin. And the pictures need to be more of an culturally accurate depiction, as if it matters. We study to gain understanding individually.

Know Him for yourself and not for what was told to you. My walk is my own.

Secular Symbols of Easter…Too early in 2021

His gallows, The Cross, instrument of suffering and death but much more.(Magnificat In D Major)

Latin Cross

The Easter Bunny and German invention for children and a symbol of fertility(Symphony No. 9 in D minor)

1904 Easter Bunny Card

The Egg, symbolizing Rebirth or further the Resurrection.

The most gaudy representation the Imperial Romanov Faberge Eggs

Version 1.0

The tragedy, family, the representation of God on earth, murdered and a agnostic government installed.

Have not yet found a balance between church and government, their national identity. Artifacts sold to support what exactly?(Conclusion Surrexit Christus Hodie.)

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