TNFro Is Reading…Chair Dancing To Snoop Dogg, TN Dumb -Ish Like Whoa! and We Bout It, Rest In Powers, Bruce Beach, Oscar Shenanigans, Well Duh COVID, Listeners Read

We Do Some Dumb -Ish Most of it Like Whoa! Remembering Black Rob-Bad Boy 4L, But we do get some things right…COVID Umm GURRL!!


Abnormal Clotting with COVID vaccine…the lowest reported for Johnson and Johnson

Many Duh! Moments…


Black Excellence in Music, Food, and Print


Rosetta Perry, Editor TN Tribune


Oscar Shenanigans but we bought the fashion…

Regina King’s NAACP Dress, Halle, and Angela Dazzled at the Oscars!!

**All Music Credited and Available for Chair Bopping on the 1 Podcast Playlist on iTunes.***


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