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Black Owned Businesses(B.O.B) Chattanooga and Beyond

So if you are a Fat Girl and Like to Cook…

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Continue My Reading from The Listeners, my online Sci-Fi Novel. An excerpt of the online reading…


Humanity-1, Replacements-0 

“Life would go on. COVID and all waves of contagion had to be stopped. Once crowded cities became virtual ghost towns, first by death and then when the power grid collapsed. The real Army would get generators online at these remote command posts, but the power stations would remain off line because COVID had killed many of the operators. The freeze would extend down into northern Maryland, and Washington DC only spared because Marshall law had created an all military zone.

     The military was firmly under the direction of the newly formed Separatist government with explicit direction of securing the borders air, water and land with interstate transportation restricted to essential personnel, food, medicine and all essentials. Displaced northern citizens and COVID survivors were housed in FEMA trailers and other RVs. 

     The intellectuals and creatives began emerging like the cicadas after a 17 year hiatus. Very noisy, but with a new purpose. For a while the unruly individualist voices and sole purpose disappeared as the severity of the system and the extinction of humanity was made clear. As the Presidential cabinet was tried and charged with high state crimes, the replaced Governors and state politicians were being rounded up, submitted before local tribunals, and restitution being meted out for the crimes primarily of dereliction of duty and just plain stupidity….”

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