TNFro Is Eating…Err Reading…Black and Brown Excellence, I’m Blackie-tee Black, Reading From Listeners…

All Music credited and available for immediate streaming on iTunes 1 Podcast Playlist. and this is the full notes for my Podcast TNFro Is Reading

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Where You From? Well, my mitochondrial DNA starts with a distant ancestor deep in Africa…

But the rest of my admixture is firmly West Coast AFrica, Nigerian actually…

Yeahhhh, I’m that B****h

Decided to experience it through my belly…Jollof Rice, Yams, Spare Ribs(Nigerians the original Pit Master), Peppered Pork, Curried Goat and Chicken, my heritage is rich, flavorful, spicy, and a bit extra(lol)

This Week in Excellence highlighting Teens in TN and NY that could have been ended by COVID but choose to continue and live with excellence…

Also enjoying an entire week of cooking and creating video shorts of what makes a Chubby Girl Happy…Flowers and Good Food!!

Still adding to and editing my first foray into Sci-Fi…Next part of Listeners


Don’t call it a comeback…

“Creation is a notion of a primitive brain not able to grasp the complexity of existence. A bit arrogant when you think that other beings had to look exactly like man to create man, when that is only a small part of creation. Religions only got it partially wrong. The power of co-existing energies, edicts to ban things that could potential hurt population growth of humans or because they diverted those teachers who were more diverted by debauchery instead of elevating the minds of humanity? What if Humans perception of God was actually a Continuum entity? What if Humanity exists because of the converging of those entities? What if they do not require to be worshipped but only require Humanity exists and not tear itself apart chasing some rabbit down the rabbit hole? We have to evolve much as the Continuum entity did. 

    So what of the Chosen people of Israel? What of the Christians, Muslims, Buddhists? Limited explanations for what came before and a means to reconcile with requirements that make no sense. All with messengers or Messiahs of sorts to release us  all from the bondage of superstition and into an existence on an entirely different level. Also Mother Mary and even the prostitute Mary Magdalene, who may not have been but a woman who owned her sexual power and made not apologies. This freedom not acceptable in a male chauvinistic world.  Both Mary’s vessels for the word and protectors of the word, both Apostles in the their own right but silenced by the maniacal patriarchal limited system. Another Epoch wasted. “

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