TNFro Is Reading…Fussing, Eating, Editing my Sci-Fi Book Listeners, and Playing with my dog, Ethel Mertz Baxter

Podcast of Complaints, Dragging Hilton and All My Sons Moving And Storage, Some people who think they are Allies Are Well-Intentioned folks that haven’t said dumb-ish yet, but wait then you do…and Introducing my new fur baby…ETHEL MERTZ HOUDINI BAXTER!!!



Ethel Mertz, Gangsta Chihuahua Yorkie Mix

Moving Sucks, but I am finally at home. Traveling for medical care…Nertz to that. The world really was kind of wildin’ in 1971. I have had the pleasure of eating at a great New Greek Place in town, awesome cocktails at the Rooster Comb, and eating Ramen at my house.

Fresh outta F-s for these anti-vaxxers and vaccine-hesitant fools…no grace and you stupid, and because of you we headed back to a lock-down…Jus’ sayin’. I’m over grace and molly-coddling you fools!

Wash your hands, wear a mask, and get your shot!! We have the tool, use it!!!  Rep Ludlow, LA…Husband died of COVID in December 2020.  2 weeks before the Vaccine became available. 



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I fuss about the leaders in this state, and yes they are really dumb, and some of the other citizens are really stupid but I do love where I live…finally.


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