TNFro Is Reading…Full Podcast Notes

Full Podcast Notes for TNFro is Reading Podcast.

I need to chair dancing…All Music is Credited and available for immediate streaming on iTunes.

Talking is from my hotel room in the QC…Hampton Inn Phillips Place Charlotte kind of…sucks a**, but my free dinner was good though.

My truck was a target…

BeastLa, Before the Vandalism Not this clean since 2017

The window was broken out and major face-crack…that is why I’m fussing in the QC. Am I coming back to QC for medical care? Nah Gurrlll.

Fast and Furious 9 Amazing Movie…Music moves the storyline.

Major Props to Zaila Avant-Garde,

First African American Ever to win National Scripps spelling bee, the second Black Person, Jody-Anne Maxwell, a Black Jamaican girl, won the bee in 1998. Twirl girl, keep twirling!!!

EUGENE, OREGON – JUNE 19: Sha’Carri Richardson (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Made a bad decision, owned up to it. I am happy to report mentally she is alright!!!

Instagram Review…

COVIK High-Jinx and Billionaire’s In Space…

Sir Richard Branson, wasting money maybe. People get your shots,

And new money, the 100 mill you put into going out there, consider replacing the 100 mill Gilead Pharma cutting from HIV prevention…jus’ sayin.

Reading from Listeners…

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