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Juneteenth is now a Federal Holiday

I am still reflecting on how I am able to create and share content in a world that becomes more restrictive. Conservative Republican State Governors and Candace Owens, attempt to make a mockery of it by refusing to observe it as a celebration of freedom for slaves and Owens really needs to stop writing and speaking. She as a journalist is not a spokesman for Black America and definitely will never speak for me. And Azealia Banks dragging Candace Owens on Instagram was well written and to the point.

Everyday Excellence…

Honoring Dr. Alexandra Friedman, Hasidic Jewish Mother of 10 recent medical school graduate and Pediatric Resident!!!

From Today’s Sunday NY Times

and the Glamazons going to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo!!

COVIK Chronicles

To reach herd immunity, more adults have to be vaccinated, and many more children, 12 years and older. The increase in new cases and majority of COVID deaths at the time of the recording of my podcast is among the unvaccinated.

I don’t understand Anti-vaxxers in my high risk African American community and medical communities. Get more information from reliable sources and not conspiracy crank theories on social media. Start with the CDC or the lay-person scientific based site Get COVID supported by the COVID Collaborative.

Cooking and Updating Instagram…

Sci-Fi and Listeners


Sci Fi is so much more than weird looking aliens trying to eat our face and worlds on other planets, it is and can be set right in the Appalachian Mountains and have Black and brown Scientists running —ish! Owning the only privately owned optic-radio telescope in North America and the de-commissioned Hubble Space Telescope. Oh Darlings it is about to go down on Squirrel Shot Mountain TN…You already know(Big Freedia)!!!

Hubble in Orbit, Actual

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