August Is…New Year, More Than Survivor, and Reflections

The more time goes on and the more horrific the News gets, I am determined to focus on positive things. Yes, many things can and have gone wrong but more things are going right. 

August 2020  to August 2021 now is completely different time and completely different world. I am completely #TNFro and no more NCFro. After over 20 years I sold all my NC property in less than 60 days en route on my new journey on Forest Avenue in Tennessee with my gangsta Chihuahua/Yorkie Mix dog Ethel Mertz.

Ethel Mertz

I feed her Blue Buffalo snacks and pieces of Krispy Kreme doughnuts not necessarily in that order.  My journey is  one of discovery of food, and I cook mostly Ramen with perfect Seafood and additional toppings . I seek perfectly fried and steamed seafood places and places that serve fried gizzards for delivery to Northside.  Northside is not a food desert. What I lack in restaurants of which there are many,  I still have the opportunity to order whatever I want between Dinner Delivered,  DoorDash, and  GrubHub. 

I get to write unfettered even though I really haven’t been writing as much lately. I can verbally wax poetic on my Podcast, about places like The  Rooster Comb with seasonal cocktails and  appetizers comprised of the best fried and seasoned catfish I’ve tasted in a while.  I’m lucky to experience All of this in a very awesome appointed outside garden when it’s not too hot. I am excited about waiting for people to come cut my grass because my dog won’t go out in the grass because it’s too high for her.

I get to watch amazing things I broke down and went to view the biopic, Respect at the AMC theater of which I am at stockholder.  I’m obsessed with a show on Vice called F**k,  That’s Delicious.  I’ve never heard of Action Bronson or his milk dud head sidekick ,Mayhem , but they make an unlikely but funny Duo and trio when you add the other country but from the Bronx white boys that make up their crew . I’m re-binge watching RuPauls Drag All Stars.   I’m living for it and downloading and listening to him bopping to RuPaul’s music as well as the other queens . 

Everybody seems to have dropped a single or an album recently Lizzo and Cardi B and Naz have. Kanye didn’t, so stop holding your breath and going to listening parties for music that will not drop anytime soon. 

August means to me besides celebrating my birthday In the heat of the daycare the birthdays of my cousins, Jason and Lanisha. I get to spend it in pretty comfortable safety in the confines of my house extending my self isolation.   I really don’t want to get sick.  I’m pretty much not going anywhere until I can get my booster which was just approved by September and I get to continue to discover those things which actually make me happy and may actually entertain others. I really people would follow the science, wear a mask, wash your hands and get the shot!

I want to expand my brand,  my media brand that is.  Not just take pictures of the random dishes but get to characterize my dishes As food porn or as art.  I’m really digging that aspect of it. I did a promotion that increased my followers on Instagram to almost 1400. I’m living for the day I have hundreds of thousands of followers looking forward to my next food post.  I’m just looking forward to creating further dishes because people are just like me.  They like to eat,  but they also like to see evidently good food. If I could make it pay, this could be another stream of income for the next phase of life just in case my day job doesn’t pan out. You always have to have a Plan B and C in addition to 12 months of savings. Expanding ideas for merchandise on my site’s Shop.

How amazing is that I actually am finding out that if I find out I’m good with something something, it can pay? Who knew! In the heat of the August day,  I can sit next to my pool  listen to my music Or stream RuPaul’s Drag Race AllStars if I want. But through it all I’m having fun.  That’s what August is to me.  I’m having fun. And I encourage the listeners of my Podcast or the readers of this post to have fun too! Cheers!!

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