The Worst Kept Secret in R and B

Guilty on all charges. Stories of beatings, starvation, forced abortions, and transmission of STDs. Teens in Chicago knew which Mickie Ds to avoid when R Kelly was at his height. Great, he is facing real jail time but what about all the handlers? What about everyone record execs to the roadies that were all complicit until the money ran out?

These now women and men survived the most horrific treatment in plain sight. OMG, his kids…Finally justice for them and healing can begin.

Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo Movement

Tarana Burke

and #muterkelly hashtag instrumental in getting this ball-of-justice-rolling, told MADAMENOIRE:

“This verdict was a long time coming and although it doesn’t bring automatic healing to his survivors, I hope it brings a sense of closure that can help facilitate the healing process.The real story here is about the relentless activism of Black women who refused to let rampant, open abuse and violence toward Black girls and young women fall on deaf ears.Black women were ringing the alarm long before the world knew what ‘me too’ was about.It took all of our efforts, and those of tireless journalists like Jim DeRogatis – to get many to pay attention.We have shown once again that when we can’t count on anyone else – we can count on each other.”

Amen and amen!

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