Citing Negative Environmental Impact, Group Protests Obama Presidential Library Construction…Really.

I’m going to have to call BS on their stance.

So you mean to tell me that there was this much protest with the construction of both George W. Bush’s 2 times to Clintons even Reagan’s who’s library construction Start it within a year after they left office. Seems like it is more about who the Library is for, in an effort to continue to disrespect a former President because he dared to represent the fruition of what this country should stand.

I mentioned in my podcast last week about the New York book reviews used to be written by literate presidents like Teddy Roosevelt’s back in the day. President Obama was not the only genius. And he can’t even still can’t get proper recognition reserved for all presidents. I’m thinking that officials at the University of Hawaii are sitting back and saying you wouldn’t had all this opposition here. And the design would’ve been prettier. But here you go with continued haters denying our legitimate US scandal free president who was a senator first for the state and then a US senator and you don’t want a tangible example of his presidency and his life work to be located at Ground Zero where his wife grew up as well as where he had his political awakening?

Shame on you because again this looks like you do not want this upstanding black man scandal free that only worked on a grassroots level to uplift everyone in Chicago. Shame on you for being stupid and this smacks of racist overtones. I doubt in the planning of the museum and the educational facilities that they would not have taken into consideration and included the impact on the environment I doubt that. Looking pretty green to me.

But what I do know is they will probably make it right and make the adjustments to the designs and take it to consideration the location. I hate this for one of the greatest living presidents of all time, this is another upstanding black guy to continue to be poorly treated by a country he served.

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