TNFro Is Reading…Mercury Is In Retrograde. Duh F***

Notes from TNFro Is Reading Podcast….

TNFro Is Reading…My Glow Up Continues, Talking About My Daddy’s Records Queens of Soul and R and B, Quark’s Bar Popular Culture Donkeys and Trash Podcast and TV Watching… feliciabaxter

I see you in US! I see you in Jersey, GA, FL TN! 25K and climbing!! Adding followers!! Thanks for streaming! I have come so far and I just want to keep surging!!! I talk about the music I wish I felt safe enough to discuss with my father, the DJ. I was always afraid to talk about things because I was always afraid of being accused of being smarter or knowing more than him, never praised for the knowledge to my face. The complication of not being known or respected as an adult. The playlist is available for immediate streaming on iTunes and @tnfroisreading is Live on Amp!!!   Quark's Bar Cocktail For Discussion. Ratchet TV, Podcasts and News   I will not spoil the Woman King, the trailer only tells part of a moving and beautifully told story, shot, and acted! Oscar chatter, anyone?   Forever Donkey, Torey Lanez still violent, and Chump…Karma is a Black Woman, Atty James and Megan… I refuse to try to break this week's episode of House of the Dragon down and will leave it to Rod and Karen, The Black Guy Who Tips   Dear TLC, Check on Shaeeda from HEA and Single Life is very cringy…   But on the happiest note, Abbott Elementary is back! Quinta and her cast are hilarious!! Check out  Dale's Angels Inc Blog for notes from this episode and other subjects. Subscribe monthly on  Patreon ,  Podbean or  Deezer! Now I am on Deezer. Click link to sign up! Contact Us via LinkedIn: Dale's Angels Inc Twitter: @tvfoodwinegirl Instagram: @tnfroisreading YouTube: Facebook: TNFroIsReading Bookclub You know your girl is on her hustle, support the show by navigating to: Online Bookstore: Far From Beale St. Books Dale's Angel's Store…For Merch Promo Code: tnfro Writer's Block Coffee Ship A Bag of Dicks Promo Code: tnfrogotjokes Don't forget to drop me a line and playlist suggestions at comments on the show or suggestions for Far From Beale St additions.  Or you can leave a brief message at the following link Non-trolley messages will be read on the show! Subscribe and follow me on Spotify and Now I am on Deezer!  
  1. TNFro Is Reading…My Glow Up Continues, Talking About My Daddy’s Records Queens of Soul and R and B, Quark’s Bar Popular Culture Donkeys and Trash Podcast and TV Watching…
  2. TNFro Is Reading and Quark’s Bar Popular Culture My Glow UP Continues, Emmy’s We Are Here, Donkey’s and POOP Emojis, Dragons and P-Valley Oh My!
  3. TNFro Is Reading…My Glow Up Continues, Talking About My Daddy’s Records, All Hail The King, Quark’s Bar Popular Culture Donkeys and Trash Podcast and TV Watching…
  4. TNFro Is Reading and Quark’s Bar Popular Culture My Glow UP Continues, Empress Gin and Tonic, The 2 M’s, GOT/P-Valley/Dragon Oh My!
  5. TNFro Is Reading and In Quark’s Bar Popular Culture Drinks, TV, Podcast, Reading and Donkiness

Mercury is in Retrograde until October 18th.

What does that mean exactly??? Communications are fraught with angst and anxiety. Is that why everyone with an inflated sense of self-worth or importance coming at me with their hands out?

It appears the planet is moving backwards, from West to East

I would love to have a side business, including my blog and website as a safe space for other creatives, and I actually wanted to include family members. But, sometimes you can’t take everyone with you. You don’t have to take everyone with you. Also, you, human crab, don’t need to go where I go.

Crab Family

Thus I started Side Eye-Side Bars to express my derision with people coming at me crazy.

Side Eye

Having other creatives acting like the blue crab. Tearing down or negating another creative’s worth and importance with their own inflated self importance. I am a significant other of no one. I am not an agent nor a life coach. I will no longer support a delusional inflated self important egotist. Riddle me this, is it easier to support the work of a creative with no sense of self worth or a wanna be creative with an inflated sense of self? I know my request for freelance blog post went left quickly. Although I will not accept the submission my response did provide the content for my TNFro Is Reading Podcast. Let me know what you think in the comments section or send them to If non-trolley I may add to the daily posts or read on the podcast.


*Some Shenanigans Airline Industry Tells Abbott to Kick Rocks...Literally. Bahaha!!!

*As this COVIK Panera Bread rages on now with RSV and The Flu uptick, what can parents do to make sure their

Pediatric Providers are not running for the hills. Because, Pediatricians are not ok.

*An invalid reason for vaccine hesitancy in the US…It literally is as simple as the ABCs, the mRNA(messenger Ribonucleic Acid) in the vaccine cannot change your DNA(Deoxyribonucleic acid). That’s facts y’all.

*Vaccine Hesitancy In Asia from Guest Blogger, Ramsha The Great of Pakistan

What I’m Cooking and Eating

I am cooking Sunday Dinner, Braised Short Ribs with Garlic Mashed Potatoes…YUMMERS!!!

Recipe and Photo from the She Knows Food Blog

What I’m Reading Watching and Writing…

Still Reading and Writing about the Perils of Privilege and more about Black Privilege.

Dave Chappelle is more genius than Lil’ Naz X. I would gather Dave Chappelle is the original troll. You expect him to say some wild -ish forcing people to stream his shows and comedy specials. Y’all do realize Sticks and Stones, Equanimity and now the latest and if you believe him the last in his Old Dude Comedy Trilogy, The Closer, he has used some of the same jokes, different context, at different points in the shows although taped in a 4 year span in front of different audiences in different cities for 60 Mill Large right? Yes, he says some really problematic -ish in his special, but does he need to be cancelled? No. Because he used some of the same material in his other specials, and in this version seemed a bit more tame. Further, demanding Netflix to remove the episode, is not violation of free speech, if you paid attention in Civics 101. Nor is it a remote possibility that this will happen, given its ranking from a streaming standpoint. This special does not excuse homophobia, Asian Violence, or the serial killer(s) hunting trans-women. If you want to use a comedy special as an excuse to do your dirt and kill and maime people, girl bye, Dave Chapelle offense is not a defense for your shenanigans. Stop it! I don’t buy it.


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