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Chair Dancing to the Gap Band

All Songs available to Stream on iTunes or wherever you listen to music

In Celebration of one of the Founding Members of the Gap Band, Ronnie Wilson, who passed recently. Rest in Power

This post serves 2 purposes to post daily for my site, can’t get up to 10K views without content thanks y’all!!

30 days and up to 10K

And to expand upon Podcast Notes for TNFRO is Reading available to stream on #Podbean, iTunes or where ever you listen to your Podcast. Someone streamed an episode in Mongolia. Wow got passed the sensors!! Also, thinking of an idea for paid subscriptions on my Bad Ass Podcast Channel

Nerd TNFRo Podcast Channel

in a New Star Trek Nerd Themed Show called “Quark’s Bar is Open”. Think a deeper dive into Mezcal and the companies doing it right and tacos…

Fussing, COVID Shenanigans…

TN Special Sessions, Dropping the Mask Mandates in Public School, makes perfect sense in the height of a pandemic. NOT.

Wear Your Mask
Get The Shot or Kick Rocks, Thank you for your service.


Watching and Reading

What I decide to watch is dramatically influenced by friends, thanks @widowvonne, and her suggestion for The Harder They Fall

Django level violence, beautifully shot and crazy special effects. Not sure if all were rubber guns with CGI dubbing, but unnervingly realistic! No spoilers I promise in the Podcast…Teehee!

and also by what I read in #Nytimes Arts and Leisure or the Styles Section. I as a shareholder for AMC, yes hipped to that stock and a few others with the Reddit influence Gamestop Run up earlier this year was notified about a limited showing Fire Shut Up My Bones a Black Opera in the Re-opening of the Met after a COVID forced hiatus. But now Alice Childress’ 66 year long delay of Trouble in the Mind

Media Day

Taking 15 years to get this to Broadway, on her birthday no less. A Black Cast, Black Director, and a Black Playwright it is still our time. Riding the wave of the reckoning. It is about a play within a play about racism in the theater, relevant when first written in 1955 and still relevant, sadly today. I am hopeful the Tony’s will be kinder than the Oscars to such a compelling work of art.

I am also looking forward to the debut of Will Smith’s King Richard. The story of Venus and Serena Williams father Richard Williams. From prodigy to Pro…

His success pored into his kids. Produced the best professionals and athletes from Compton, but dude that is crazy pressure. But such a quintessential American Story. But don’t sleep on Aunjanue Ellis, who plays their mother , Oracene a powerhouse Oscar buzz producing performance. In an article published today in the Sunday NY Times, she stated this is the type of role she wants to be part of to make Black women, like me, proud. I can’t wait to see it!

“The wife of the hero can be utterly boring to play,” said Aunjanue Ellis, who found the role of Oracene Price in “King Richard” more interesting than that.Credit…Akilah Townsend for The New York Times

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