Over 40 and Un-Apologetically Nerdy…Episode 3 of Quark’s Bar, Musings of a Melanated Nerd, On Science, Ethel The Dog, Food, Cocktails and Star Trek

This is the expanded Podcast Notes for Episode 3 of Quark's Bar Premium Content
This is the expanded Podcast Notes for Episode 3 of Quark’s Bar Premium Content

This is Giving Tuesday, Ethel Says Donate! Check out other Charities on earlier Blog Post

Star Trek Logs Featuring Lt. Paul Stamets

Suggest Avoiding Most of The Podcast Because I go into the Specifics of Episode 2, The Anomaly Star Trek Discovery

This Episodes Takes a deeper dive into Pain, Depression, Non-Binary and Transitioning, but it expands into the destruction of Book’s Planet Kwejian

Poor Book, Kwejian Destruction
Dangit, We Did All That and The Info is Useless?

There is a Gallery on StarTrek.com with still of this week’s episode and Sneak Peek at Episode 3

What’s Cooking? Well Shrimp, Rigatoni, Tomatoes, and Parmesan!

#Tuesday #dinner

Blinding You With Science

How Rona Gets In and Why that Ho’ Omicron is Scary but vaccination and the COVID Pill Maybe another bitch slap to keep it away!
© Jackie Heda Home – Jackie Heda | Biomedical & Scientific Visuals

Please Don’t Panic! Keep Calm, Wear Your Mask, and Get Vaccinated! This is how you beat back this demon!

A Bit Of Old People Ratchetness…

Did Adele Rip off XiMara? I don’t know, the playlist of this album sounds a whole lot like hers…

CNN Tells Chris To Take Many Seats For “Advising” his Brother…Ugg

Using Your Journalistic Contacts To Assist Your Brother…Bruh Nah.

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