TNFro Is Celebrating Life, HIV Survivors

Did you know AIDS related illnesses have taken over 38 Million lives worldwide since this epidemic was finally recognized 40 years ago?

World AIDS Day

Did you know the virus responsible for AIDS was sequenced until 2009 the virus had been recognized until 1981 with no effective treatments until AZT hit the market in 1989? With health disparities and outright discrimination hindering its distribution…hmm COVID response rollout very similar. You think we would have learned and adjusted.

Did you know the advances in synthetic biology and the proteases inhibitors we use in cancer treatments as well as in COVID are directly related to the applied research from HIV?

But even now let’s take this opportunity to remember those who have died and those living with the disease. Honor through respect and remembrance. And still be careful, take your meds, keep it undetectable.

This Living With HIV on Prep

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