Before I was TNFro, I was #NoMoFro, Hauling A– Outta Oregon

Google Reminded Me this morning of my travels from 4 years ago.

I took a position in a land far far away, in the Southwestern Oregon, way southern, except for my friends, #Chumpclones, very conservative. I lived in my RV.

RV Life, Grand Canyon stop on my way home
RV Living, #DallasCowboys Game Day Oregon 2017

Packed it up like a pit crew, and got the hell out. The glories of our country on full display as I camped here, at the Grand Canyon. Breathtaking to say the least…

First View of The Grand Canyon.
Still have the jacket and hat
Sunrise at the Grand Canyon
Me realizing I am afraid of heights…go figure.
The Colorado River Did this…Wow.
I imagine the ocean bottom resembling this, actually this was on the bottom of a vast ocean now the mighty Colorado River.
Sun Dial, Grand Canyon

It’s time to get back on the road, time to give COVID, and Franken-Ho, Omicron , a kick in the pants to get out of the way. Because I want to be out there!!! Only regret, sad I didn’t discover all this while out there. It will be a long time, before I get to head back to the West Coast and it makes me sad. But, I look forward to it all, small doses.

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