TNFRO Knows It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Does it suck always to make lemonade…yep.

Tired of faking it until you make it? Yes.

Tired of smiling through it? Yes.

But you know what? Being stubborn makes me want to keep going, finding things that make me smile and it not being forced, really living in my dreams, and enjoying spiked watermelon lemonade because I leaned into the positive changes.

It’s work to get to this space. It’s a daily journey you must want to walk in. Sometimes you have to be in the hurt and pain, but you work it step by step. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a trained professional, and don’t dump this detritus on friends and family. This work is way above their pay grade. So stop it!!!

I choose seeking pure joy through it all. Drama has no place here!

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